Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Hands

This is for Daddy, my ultimate hero... Today was a hard day for Mom and Me Dad, I wish you'd been able to be there so I could've sang this to you in person the way you always wanted me to. I wish I had gone to the Grand Ol' Opry like you begged me to.

I wish a lot of things, most of which is to be able to hold your big strong and loving hands just one more time.

This one is for you Daddy, and all the other men in this world who have earned the right to be called "Daddy" and not just father. Love you and miss you every day and forever Daddy... Your baby. Watch the video of Dolly Parton and Holly Dunn singing "Daddy's Hands"


g-man said...

Happy Fathers Day Mr. AJ's dad, from where you are I bet you can see your daughters love.

Reb said...

AJ, it gets easier as time passes. I am sure he is watching over you. Happy Birthday.