Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Inside My Purse Is Yellow (WWC)

Weekly Words Challenge 87 is now!

Our Wicked MC, Tink has ruled that the words for this week were Yellow and "In My Purse/Wallet".

How did you interpret them?

Here are mine, and sorry I didn't make up for last week like I thought I would try to, I'm doing well to get these in. Here we goooo! I'll be by to see what you did in a bit.

Mississippi Mud surrounded by lovely Yellow wildflowers

The inside of this bloom and some edges have a hint of Yellow

Messy Yellow Networking Cables!

This is a weird photo "happy accident" (with lots of yellow sparks)
caused by toothpicks in the ceiling at "Huey's" restaurant!

The entire unorganized contents Inside My Purse!!!

My blackberry resides In My Purse, and as such so does my face ;)

That's it for today I suppose. Remember, I am digging on this "Daily Blogging" phenomenon for my NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) group, so I'll be here every day during June, posting and trying to utilize June's theme, "Heroes". So far so good, wish me luck, and feel free to drop me an "Ask AJ" anytime. It can be silly, or serious. Something you've seen on my blog that you want to know more about, or just stuff. :)

Stuff is good... I like stuff. Don't you?


Janet said...

I hope your face isn't in your purse! EEK!

Reb said...

I love the happy accidental photo. Good job.

Jay said...

I have yellow networking cables too. But, I won't take a pic of them because of all the dust that would show up. LOL

Great job on the WWC!

Tink said...

The happy accidental photo is my favorite, followed closely by the wildflowers. Great job! I'm so glad you played. :)

Furtheron said...


another one of the US vs English words.

See in the UK what you call a "purse" is a "handbag" and what a lady keeps her money / credit cards in etc. is a "purse"

Men rarely have a "purse" they have a "wallet" and it is an insult to a red bloodied Englishman to have his "wallet" referred to as a "purse"

All clear? Carry on!

kcinnova said...

I really like your yellow cables... I don't say why, but I do! I think it is the clean, curved lines. (Lines can be curved, right?)

Gramps said...

I really like the mud and flowers. By far my favorite. Good work.

Fortune Cookies said...

those wildflowers are beautiful! I finally posted my WWC photos. I have yellow networking cables too, but I tied them up and duct taped them to the underneath of my desk. out of sight, out of mind :)

awa said...

You look good, woman!! how goes it???!

Cynnie said...

I need to carry your purse :)
specially if i can pull out and use that purty face

g-man said...

The only time I ever saw a face in a purse she was barfing :) Nice picture of you though :)

I love the streaky light and the network cables, well done. :)