Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Favorite Song (WWC)

It's that time again, but of course I was late this week, my apologies once again! Ok, am back. Thanks for your patience and understanding guys. I'll make it quick and mainly about photos and save all my knowledge and philosophy for other posties.

Check out who's playing!

This week's Weekly Words Challenge (hosted by the lovely Tink! features key words: "A" and "Favorite Song" (reminds of).

I'll kick it off with the "A"s...

Random Grocery Store Sign

At Rest

Autozone Park Gate

Now with the "Favorite Song" thing... I can never narrow down my absolute favorite song, and it can change from time-to-time, so I just did a few that illustrate some of the songs (remember these are NOT necessarily favorites at all so no making fun lol)

Nirvana "In Bloom"

The Cure "Heaven"

Theme song to "St. Elmo's Fire" by John Parr

Bonuses, yeah bonuses!!

Where Are The Bison? ;)

Rainy Day Highway

Until next time, this is AJ saying "Happy Snapping!"


Jay said...

Well hurry up! haha ;-)

Fortune Cookies said...

looks like we switched places this week...I was on time for a change :)
can't wait to see yours, they always rock it the mostest

Aunt Jackie said...

@Jay yeah yeah yeah lol

@Fortune Cookies Awww well thanks! No I have a hard time with timeliness myself most weeks, it's been so busy :(

Janet said...

lol people like what they like, why should others make fun?

Fortune Cookies said...

I think the bison went to stand where there is no "do not feed" signs...
great photos! I love In Bloom, the song and the photo!

Aunt Jackie said...

@Janet, You are right, but I figured someone was gonna pick on me for the St. Elmo's Fire one hehe

@Fortune Cookies, I didn't think of that. Perhaps the Bison are way smarter than we have given them credit for... lol!

Thanks! :)

Reb said...

Well done AJ. Nothing wrong with the song from St. Elmo's Fire. Mmm Bison!

Tink said...

I ATE the bison! Nom, nom, nom. Hehe. Great pictures! I love the "At Rest" one. Well done.

Gramps said...

Nice job. I liked the rainy highway pic.