Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Leans Of Three (WWC)

That title rhymed... isn't that cool?? Ok, short one and to the point today ladies and gentlemen. I will be back later though for a story about "Uncle Richie" (a.k.a. Mr. J). For now, here's today's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) brought to us by the very lean and lovely Tink of Pickled Beef.

(Visit her if you'd like to join us and sacrifice your life lol)!

The words for this week were "Lean" and "3" (three):

Had to hit the archives a little as I have been super-duper busy... but still hope you like.

Angel leaning on the tomb in which it guards

Broken piece still appears to be leaning

Mr. J leans on the escalator behind a (quite lean)
wax figure of Sophia Loren

(or is he in Front of her?)

Wall mural of a 3-tier Fountain

Three Siblings Three Very Different Personalities

Three Silos in grassy green field

There you go! Also note that I had 3 examples of each word... hehe I'm the clever one. ;)

More issues beckon... will be back later!


kcinnova said...

You really kept your eyes open for details in all of those shots! Are they all from the archives? I bow to your superior archival skills.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Wonderful way to put every image together.

You know you should put together a photo book that way and sell it at Lulu.com or one of the self publishing places.

And no this is not spam for Lulu

Jay said...

I like the broken columns leaning. I always love old, crumbling things like that.

All were great shots though.

Tink said...

Those first two picture are absolutely stunning! Great job. :)

Aunt Jackie said...

@Kc: I didn't think of it like that, but guess I just must have naturally selected in that way. Thanks! Almost all of them were from archive... wow.

@OleBlue: That's a great idea, do you really think I could try that??

@Jay: Yes I like old stuff too it makes the greatest and most interesting photos...

@Tink: Awww thanks Tink :) I really liked that cemetery, so many things it's hard not to find something to photograph when you visit there.


g-man said...

Very nice. I really liked the statue and column and the kids. It looks like they all have very different personalities based on their appearance. Well done.