Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waking Up

We can wake up to many things... wake up to a good or bad morning (depending on our attitudes), wake up to a new idea, wake up to change, wake up to the person we have become... it's limitless.

As far as the regular waking up, I have been going through a hard time the last few days. These full moons have been kicking my ass on a regular basis... I don't know why. I have returned to trying to take the Melatonin at night, for decent rest, and more so because I am trying to work on better dream recall and trying harder to have "Lucid Dreams" (you know, when you are dreaming, and you realize you are dreaming and can take control of the dream--very cool!). They happen, but very infrequent for me... Right now, this is my goal in the dream work.

Night before last, this bombed as I dreamt that I was in bed with a very young Tom Cruise... This was very distressing for me because I have never liked Tom Cruise, not even when he was younger and less idiotic with his Scientology... Ikkk. The only thing that has disturbed me worse than the Tom Cruise sexual dream was a dream I had some years ago wherein I was having sex on the couch at my parents' house with none other than Jerry Garcia. (Sorry Jerry, no disrespect to you) This disgusted me greatly... although I do respect the Grateful Dead's music.

Last night's dreams I remembered when I woke up in the middle of the night, but then when I got up for the day I had forgotten them altogether. This might not work out as far as the dream recall. In order to improve lucidity, there are supposed to be several things that you can do to improve the chances of achieving lucid dreams. One is to get really good at dream recall, so the dream journaling helps. Having a pen and paper bedside, and jotting down a quick note about the dream, so that you don't forget... Two, it has been stated some supplements etc. work such as the Melatonin. Also, giving yourself 'signals', or doing something that you might recognize in the dream (dream signals). One person said that they set their watch to beep at different points throughout the day, and that whenever it beeped they would look at their hands and consciously wonder "Is this a dream?" This conditioned the subconscious to pick up on that, so the watch beeps during the night, and they are able even in dreams to look at their hands and ask this--which in turn, sparks the Lucid dream action. It can be different from person-to-person, but I am working on this... hopefully I can improve.

AJ as Picasso's "The Dreamer" (2008 by AJ)

I've always been interested in Lucid dreams and Out of Body Experiences (OBE). We'll see. I just have a hard time getting into a very relaxed state, and clearing my mind. I enjoy sleep sometimes more and more though... especially that sleep that you get RIGHT AT THE TIME that you are having to wake up and begin your day... why does that sleep feel soooo good?? I never want to actually go to bed and go to sleep at night, then in the morning, it's just the opposite.

Sometimes in dreams and in Life, I guess, waking up can be a very wonderful experience, and then sometimes you just want to put your pillow over your head go right back to sleep.


Camie Vog said...

Full moons getting to you on a regular basis? Get muscle tested for parasites. The little buggers create havoc around the full moon when their little eggs hatch. Don't be too disgusted by this...parasites are very common. Symptoms include: dry skin or rashes, headaches, insomnia, dark circles under your eyes, general bad/aggressive attitude for no good reason, stuffy nose, lung congestion. All of these can be intermittent, or constant.

About the Tom Cruise and Jerry dreams, I once dreamed I was having wild sex with Alan Alda. I woke up having a orgasm. THAT was creepy.

Chelly said...

Jax, the Jerry Garcia bit made my sides hurt. :)

This post had some great tips, I'm definitely going to try them.

PS: AJ as Picasso's "The Dreamer" is very cool!

JINKS said...

I"m more likely to dream of having sex with "Cherry Garcia". I think its Hendrix putting these guys up to it....he's probably checking your "moves".....

Aunt Jackie said...

Camie! I responded to you as well via e-mail. I didn't know about the parasites, but I might check into that... parasites are weird!!! Well, what's NOT weird these days. :O\

Chells!! So glad to see you too! haha Well how do you think I FELT about the Jerry Garcia bit?? LOL

Jinks!! Don't tempt me with your evil Ice Cream jokes... and Jimi best be on good behavior (or else come check the moves himself and quit sending grossballs lol!!)

Jay said...

You don't think Jerry Garcia is hot? Hmm. Weird. But, I'm sure you do love Cherry Garcia ice cream, right? I bet you do! ;-)

I once dreamed that I had sex with Sue Johanson.

OH GOD! Did I admit that out loud? ;-)

Jay said...

Dang it. I should read comments before I make my comment instead of after. Didn't see Jinks beat me to the Cherry Garcia joke. :-(

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Sue Johanson?!? BWAHAHAHA!!!

Yes, you should've read first--but that's o.k...

I don't like Cherry Garcia, for the record, so I guess both of them disgust me :P

Denice said...

I usually like remembering my dreams as well, but I have never written them down. Last night, my dreams were rather violent in nature as my fire alarms decided to let me know the batteries were low at 1:23 am.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Garcia?!! ROTFL

I'm always glad for sleep, so I can deal with lack of dreams (or at least remembering them). The last dream I woke up from was when the cat was chasing not one but several mice under my bed. I. HATE. MICE. That dream still bugs me.