Saturday, June 21, 2008

Warm Yourself By The Cake

My cake... the candles will light your way. I don't want to discuss that any further however. :)
I'm off for celebrations with the family for yet another birthday... Thanks to my mother for giving me the special date of "June 22nd", it's mine.

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I'm taking the day off I guess you could say, so I may or may not post anything tomorrow. We'll see.

The birthday weekend did not start off all that great, my car had to be taken to the shop because it wouldn't crank... so that was unexpected expense... I will have to pick it up from the dealership at 3:30. Things happen, I guess that was my 'birthday gift' from the universe, huh... I'm trying to think of things in a positive light, but sometimes it's hard because sometimes you just can't figure out a reason why things always have to happen to 'you'. Yeah, why me?? Why couldn't my weekend go off without a hitch? Why can't everything just sit back and be patient and allow me to have a nice birthday?

I guess I must've used up all of my "Happy Birthday" tokens as a child growing up??

Once again, adulthood bites and there's always something trying to drag us down... Don't worry, I'm still trying and I am not trying to remain negative, I just had to bitch for a moment.

I'll make it a good one... Hope your weekend is nice too.


Jay said...

Happy birthday babe! ;-)

Chelly said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!
Hope you have a wonderful day sweetie! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday....We love you very much! Tamra and Jessie

awa said...

Happy Birthday, darling!!!! Whooohooo! Somebody break out the male dancers and the strip pole!!