Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funky Weekend

Well, here I sit at 4:34 in the morning, still awake as Mr. J and I have been out and about with first, our band mates, and then later some old friends of his from 'back in'na day'. Of course, the night ended with Krystal Hamburgers and them coming back to the house to Crash. So I'm on the computer goofing off, and I guess about to hit the sack shortly.

Just wanted to give a quick couple of rough cellphone pictures... I thought you might enjoy one of Richie-the-text-message-whore. Pictured here, was Richie firing up the numbers on the phone pad, texting away with magical fervor.

His drinking and texting has gotten to an all time high as of late, so I had to have a big Margarita my damn self. :)

(Is this one big enough?)
This was made by a Mexican Restaurant, and believe you me. They ARE NOT Stingy with the Tequila. I had a hard time making it through this one... It had to be a blender within itself. :)

Anyways, I have a few pics in the camera from Beale Street from tonight, and I'll share them when I get them ready to post.

So far, the weekend hasn't been a very accomplished one, except for we wrote two more songs at Band practice Saturday (yesterday), and then met up with some promotions people that are going to book us for a few shows. Then as I said, we hung out with Richie's friends at a little hell hole in the wall in Memphis, played some pool (billiards), and they drank beers, and I drove them all home (to my house). And here I sit.

So I am still in great need of getting out soon and doing some girl time. "Tamra I am calling out to you in an **SOS** we gotta go sooooon!!! I'm sick of all this male bullshit!" :)

I think I will sleep all day tomorrow... yeah, that sounds better than anything else I can think of.


The Manic Street Preacher said...

what a handsome whore!!! ;-)

soz pissed. Practisin' for Spain on Thursday....

Y Viva Tequila and stuff

Jay said...

That's about the size margarita I have for breakfast each morning. It gets me started the right way! ;-)

captain corky said...

I'm a text whore too. As far as I'm concerned it's the only way to communicate. Well, that and blogging. ;)

BBC said...

I had a pretty good weekend, got a few things done around here and enjoyed beer church for a few hours.

And it's my birthday today but I have no plans, I think I just want to fuck off.

Aunt Jackie said...

:) You guys are the cutest.

Aunt Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to you BBC!!!