Friday, June 13, 2008

Fallen Angels and Summer Children

Well, I have been trying to find a moment to come over and hang out with you guys for a few but It is Friday and I have been busy this week.

Wednesday night, my Mother-In-Law had a severe allergic reaction to like her Blood Pressure medication, and her mouth and tongue was so swollen that her teeth were bleeding... She was taken to ER, and they had to do some sort of surgery, ending with a breathing tube until they could get the swelling down. She spent the night in I.C.U. and came home late Thursday afternoon.

Thursday, after all that, Richie and I rode our Mountain bikes for a while, and went for Sushi... that was tasty. Then we tried to hit the sack early to get up and work out a bit this morning.

If anyone here is a Black Sabbath fan, then you know the stories, and you know the players. Yes, other than Ozzy, none other than Ronnie James Dio at one time was the vocalist. So many of these dudes have been around vocally, more than you realize. I was shocked and awed to accidentally 'dig up' Dio in this very old and very "angelic" 60s tune... Actually, this should be a good one for WTF Friday as well since I actually saw it and went, "WTF?!?!" Get a load of Young Dio!!!

Click Here If You Cannot See The Video

Whew!! That was funny to me. He actually had the makings of a teen heart throb for a moment. WTF happened to him, I cannot explain. Guess his grandmother gave him one too many of those "Evil Eyes".

DIO!! What went wrong buddy?? LOL!

In other nostalgic memories, I was just thinking about my Sister, Vickie this morning, and how during the summer we would spend all day outside (whether we were at her house, or her kids came to my house). The fondest things I remember from Vickie's house were:
  • Always something great on T.V. b/c she had Cable

  • We always watched the coolest movies together

  • She always had Tang, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Frozen Ice Pops, and Little Debbie Cakes

  • We always got to go somewhere cool (as I remember it)

  • Oscar de la Renta perfume and Mint Dental Floss* (She knows what I mean)

  • Anytime they cooked Chili, Spaghetti, Tacos or Al made his "Beer Battered" Chicken/Shrimp

  • Just being there because it was "Second Home" to me
I never seem to stop reminiscing I guess because there were so many great memories growing up in my family... what happened?? :) Why did everybody leave me?

Well tomorrow night is my gig, and I'm trying to get amped up and ready, but still nervous since we haven't done a gig in a few months. It'll be fine though. Wish me luck. I hope (doubtfully) that at least some of my friends and family could possibly make it out to see me. I know my Mom would come if she was able to get away from the house long enough, and with Dad in the condition he is in it is extra hard for her... I really wish she could be there. I should've done the Rock Star thing in my 20s like everyone is supposed to and we wouldn't have this problem. :-\

Also, it is Friday the 13th if you didn't realize it??
Oh well... anyways guys, have a kick-ass Friday anyways, and stay safe! Much Love to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

We didn't leave....we are still here...just a little older.
Love Vickie

Jay said...

Glad you mother is okay. That's pretty scary when things like that happen.

If I were in town I would definitely come out and see your band rock the house!

Ron, Apparently said...

I always wanted to be a rock star, but never had the tenacity to stay with the actual learning of a musical instrument, and have little to no talent for writing songs. Kinda gets in the way of success, no matter what your age.

Further on up the road said...

I saw Black Sabbath with Ronnie Dio back in the day on the original Heaven and Hell tour.

He got a load of abuse from people who wanted Ozzy - which I didn't understand. Why go to the gig? Also though I remember that as great great gig, much better than the last time I saw Sabbath with Ozzy when frankly he was an inconsistent mess on stage.

Further on up the road said...

Do I need to validate what I said here?

I have great respect for Ozzy and his material from early Sabbath is just brilliant. All I'm saying is when we saw him on the Technical Ectasy tour he was a mess, forgetting lines, just standing clinging onto the mike stand as though if he let go he'd collapse etc. Just that gig sadly left a poor memory as it was the only time I got to see the classic line up live before the break up.