Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mystery and Chaos (WWC)

Mystery and Chaos... hmmm, that sounds thrilling! Is it a new story by yours truly?? Or is it a true event happening to me? No, it is the theme of this week's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) courtsey of the lovely Tink!

Special Note: My Sincere Apologies for the "lateness" of my entries, and that I disguised them with yesterday's date. :)
So here we go.


Chaos in the sky in these next two shots...

Seems as though retrieving freight would be total Chaos
Sign at Club Chaos, Memphis
This car looks as though it has been through ChaosChaos with Blade at "Mee Mee's House"


A Mysterious Tunnel

My sister, Debbie's 1940 Ford (has an air of Mystery)Even MORE Mystery when I gave it an antique photo look

Old building reeks of Mystery
It is a Mystery why we haven't used this service on 90% of Tennesseans! ;)Mysterious Person behind his computer

This one is just pretty... I love sunsets.


g-man said...

Wicked cool sunsets. I like the club chaos one especially. I had to laugh at the sterilization one, too funny.

What are you talking about, late? They have the right date on them ;)

Tink said...

Where do I start? :)

Is that a frowny face in the sky in those first shots? Crazy! I really love the pictures of the old car, under the bridge, the mysterious building, and the signs. You always take such nice pictures. Who cares if they're late when they're that good?

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks G-man! I love sunsets... and sunrises, but I'm not enough of an early bird to catch those these days.

Tink! Frowny face eh?? Well, all up to interpretation, but I can see it! I thought it was interesting. That is a very nice car, my sister's Husband (R.I.P.) built it for her.


Ditsy Chick said...

Hello saw you asking for us to give you our blogdress if we do the WWC and I do! I love the old car!

I am @ ecined.blogspot.com

Newt said...

Club Chaos - Awesome! And I just love the antiqued picture of the car, truly fantastic.

Newt said...

Club Chaos - Awesome! And I just love the antiqued picture of the car, truly fantastic.

Further on up the road said...

Love that blue Ford... that's a real car.... :-)