Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crazy Beautiful Planet

This is a very strange planet, and awfully odd universe we have created for ourselves, am I right? But we may as well appreciate all of the crazy things that make it home while we're here... That includes, for me, never growing up (as I've mentioned before).

I told you that this past Friday, Mr. J and I took our tent down to Mom-n-Dad's house to "test" it out. This means fixing up a test campground, which we ended up making right behind the house, not far from the extension cord, and not too far from civilization. We're silly, pansy idiots, I know. But even so, we still had fun, sweated to death and I made it through the whole night without even one mosquito bite. That in itself is a miracle!

I thought I would entertain you with one of my infamous captioned slide shows. These are a few shots I captured on the way. To start, I really overdid it with the sunsets, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off the gorgeous sky. Hope you get a kick out of them. No matter where you go, or what you do... the important thing is to appreciate the "small moments" that make sweet memories, and never take for granted precious time spent with those you love who love you back.

Click Here If You Are Unable To View Slideshow

Now A few Hot Springs Photos I finally had time to share.

View of the Lake from our Deck

Nice Sunset on the Lake

Richie Looks Over Deck At Lake

My Niece/Nephews: Lil' Joe, Kristie, and Tony

Koi fish checking out the flower "Does Dis Has A Flavor??"

One of Garvin Woodland Gardens' Waterfalls

Me: "Say Cheese!!!" Koi Fish: "Mmmm--NO."

This is my favorite Bridge in the Gardens.

This One Is A Close Second Though.

The Place Has Some Gorgeous Flowers.

Kids Got Tired of Walking, Tony Hitches a Ride...

Miniature Train and Display, Trains are Cool!

A Duck Takes a Rest on The Pier

That's it everyone... Hope you enjoyed. I sure enjoyed taking them. Have a great Wednesday all!


Anonymous said...

It looks like a nice place to chill in..we are offf soon for some of our own chill time.
Have a good one.

JINKS said...

Great slide show and enjoyed the pics, cutie pie niece and nephew.
you have me wanting to head to H.S.

Aunt Jackie said...

Barnze! Great to see you around, always! Thanks glad you enjoyed... Hope you and the Mrs. B have a fantastic get-away yourselves!

Jinksy! Glad you enjoyed that, I love Hot Springs, but would like to head off to Gatlinburg, or to Snow Shoe Mountain, WV sometime soon. :-\

Cooler months of course, I love winter!

Jay said...

Those sunset pics are beautiful. And I love the curved bridge and the lake views.

Chelly said...

Loved it Jax! Great pics, thanks for sharing with us. :)


Tink said...

These pictures are fantastic!