Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet Release

I've got good news to tell. Hopefully, it won't jinx anything (I don't think it will, well it sort of did-the phone rang just as I was trying to post this, so I am going to stop until I have the definite resolved situation. I'm just superstitious like my Mommy). O.k. So until I get through the day, I will just say that I get my car back today. Exclusive on tonight's 10:00 news with your host, AJ!

It's a Wednesday... so I think I will touch on a few of those topics I've been meaning to bitch about.

First of all, the last few days being on the phone with the Service Department at Honda, I have to say they have the worst hold music ever. It's this little 'dingly' piano piece that plays over and over, so it is stuck in my head for hours after I get off the phone. Not only that, but it's a 'repeat advertisement' for Honda and its superior customer service. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Honda fan and I love my car, but really, could we get some Black Sabbath or Sex Pistols over here?? I'm on hold, I'm already doing business with you, the least you could do is relax and entertain me while you take my money.

With the extra time it has taken to delve into the problem with my automobile ("Auutoomoobilleee??" in a Long Duck Dong From Hong Kong accent you say?) I was tossed into the elaborate world of Rental cars. I am sent over thinking that it will be $25 dollars a day for the rental, which is not so bad I guess. However, I get there, and they need a major credit card or two different bills with my address on them. "What, are you going to pay them for me in exchange for driving one of your cars?" No... that's far from the truth. However, given that I was in no way close to my home, and that my husband had dropped me off, they were sympathetic, and gave me a break because I couldn't go home and get bills, and we elect NOT to buy into all these credit cards... Therefore, I ended up in a 2009 Toyota.

Dude takes me around the car in the "walk around inspection", marks all of the existing damage, which is only one little 'nick' on the front I think, and checks the interior, gas gauge and reads me my rights.

"Let's see, a little less than half a tank of gas. Well when you bring it back it needs to at least be at that level."

"O.k." I say. Thinking about this, I wonder why when you are renting a car from them they can't give you one tank of gas... Am I wrong? Am I forgetting something in the midst of this ever-increasing fuel crisis during the days of inflation? Maybe it was years ago when you're buying a car. Guess we're lucky they didn't drain the tank and make me start from scratch!

So I will be turning that car in and getting my little gem back today... and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything stays o.k. and no further problems ensue... I'll report later!

Next I have Mr. 'No Inside Voice, Funky Accent, Constantly on Speakerphone, Handling Divorce Proceedings During Working Hours, Horrible Cellphone Ringer-Having' Pain over here, using about half of the printer paper to print out his gigantic book of divorce papers, while loudly conversing on his cell. Can we take it down a notch? No accent?? Yes... you DO have one, and it gets under my skin like a chigger. So I know every detail of his situation since I have to hear him all day long talking about the details of the long, drawn-out, ultra-painful divorce (Along with constant juicy sneezing).

So usually, I like to get away from the desk here and there, take a break, get some quiet time or something. I definitely don't mind jumping in my car and having a 'mobile lunch', usually with my camera in hand.

A few days ago, I mentioned some subjects I wanted to touch on, which were... let me see if I can find them... Oh yes:

-Wintergreen Lifesavers
My point was 'why are some soft and some hard? and Why can't I stop eating the damn things?'
Well, I haven't been eating them this week-but I did have a bit of a binge on them last week. For some reason, I just kept popping them! One after another, each time 'gambling' on whether I would get one of the soft, melt-in-your-mouth ones, or would I break a tooth? I still have no idea why some are soft and some are hard, but I am very tempted to further investigate and get to the bottom of this issue. The Pepp-O-Mint ones are good, but the Wintergreen flavor is addictive.

-Rude Drivers (An Oldy but goody, still going to save this for another day when I am particularly riled up.)

-Mr J's Texting (He's turning into a phone whore) - Another day still.

-Taco Bell incident (Where do you actually find these goobers that you hire??)
Yes, I will go ahead and enlighten you on this Taco Bell incident before it fades even further from my mind. I should've blogged this right after it happened, but got sidetracked. It happened a few nights ago. We were tired and sweaty from a hard night's rockin at the band practice space, and were going to end the night with a few tacos. This particular location was right on my way, and it wasn't very late at all. (Isn't Taco Bell the famous "Fourth Meal" place boasting late hours and such?)

Well, I wait in the drive-thru line, and after a few awkward seconds a male voice greets me.

"......... How Yew Doin??"

Me: "Ummmm... I'm doing o.k. and yourself?" I'm wondering WTF is going on with this half-wit. 'Yeah, I'm just stopping by to shoot the shit. Are you guys taking orders or what??'

I actually have to initiate the transaction, "You ready for my order?"

Half-Wit: "Yeeeehaa Go ahead." ('Why Thank You!')

So I give the order, I forget exactly what it was, the Tacos and some Nachos Bell Grande was involved. I think Mr. J wanted a Mexican Pizza. I tried to order one of the fruit freezes, but "Witty" informed me that they were out of that. No big deal, we'll just get our stuff and be on our way.

No dice. When we get to the window, I spy the two Dufai (Is that plural for more than one Dufus?) mealing around the kitchen doing nothing, looking like they're just hanging out in their livingroom watching the game. Dufus #1 at the window then informs me that they have enough meat for the bell grande (I think?), but that either they 'Dropped the meat', or 'forgot to drop some meat' (I had a hard time understanding this young professional). He offered no solution to this, just looked at me dumbly as I looked to Mr. J for what he wanted to do.

"I GUESS let's just leave then." Richie says.

"O.k. well thank you." I say to the Dufus, and with that we ride away. Another satisfied car of customers, eh? I know it must be a sign, no matter how late it is, or how tired you are, LEAVE THE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS ALONE! Nobody with a brain seems to be working there anymore, or at least nobody with any customer skills, so we should know better.

I know, I know... grow your own, do it all yourself. If I had the time, and any sort of green thumb I would try to get the whole "eco farm" going from home, but I can't. I'm not that talented or brave (just yet). Don't worry, I'm working on myself little by little.

Anyway, another Taco Bell boycotted.

-Girl Time
The girl time topic hold up here, I really want to spend some time with my best friend, Tamra soon. But the way our schedules have been and just gas prices and both of us with different dramas, we haven't been able to hang out. We will do it soon though, I promise!! :) Just miss the good ole days with her when we were having fun and not really sweating all these stupid issues.

Those things don't really fall under "bitching" as much as "wishing". Same goes for my lunch today with Jinks (Visit Jinks!). She picked me up and we hauled it over to a little local "organic" place, called "Quetzel". Lunch was good, conversation was fun, and we even had some fun regarding our Waiter... We must blog about it. I might let her tell the story, if she feels like it, or maybe I. We'll see. Once again, though, Thanks Jinks for the belated Birthday lunch! Next time I buy!

That about wraps it up for me today... I do also want to mention another cool post about "Bucket Lists" that I read over at Simple Zack's Blog, and I am going to do some planning for my very own "bucket list"... So let me get back to you on that.

Meanwhile here's the Song stuck in my head today:
Sepultura - Attitude


Jay said...

We only have one car rental place here in town and I've never had any trouble with them. But, every time I've tried to rent a car in other places it's always been a hassle. Usually because of employees who are basically stupid enough to work for Taco Bell. ;-)

Further on up the road said...

I know you won't want to know this but what the heck....

I saw Sepultura backing up Motorhead in a little venue - Folkestone Leas Cliff Halls. You can't be more than 30 ft from the stage anywhere in the venue virtually.

Anyhow - they were so f***ing loud. The bass so loud and low that it frankly made my bowls move and I had to exit to the gents during the set.... seriously the loudest gig I've ever been to - Motorhead were nuts that night too with at least one amp blowing up mid set

BBC said...

You take your car to a dealership to get it fixed? I hope it is covered under the warranty. I always find independent mechanics to help me when I need help, but mostly I do all of my own repairs.

I've never rented a car, I have bought a few clunkers to drive for a while and then sold them when I was done with them, saves me time and hassles and costs less, some times I even make a little money.

g-man said...

My Honda service guy (Cliff) usually takes good care of me.

11:00 at taco bell, yeah they were high and ate all the meat.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

We hired a car for our honeymoon to the New Forest. I didn't drive at all then - I could but I'd never bothered passing my test. Get drunk get a lift seemed better to me. Caz drove like a maniac. She admitted years later she did it on purpose to frighten me into passing my test and sharing the driving. It back fired. I was pissed and loved it!!!!

I did get around to driving legally eventually when I was 30. Mind you is driving after 8 pints of beer legal?

Say "Hi" to the text whore ;-)