Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Those About To Rock

It's my band, SAP, as I have said before, we're getting ready to hit up Memphis' "The Stage Stop" (Raleigh). We'll be going on last of 3 bands... the other bands are "Virginia Grant" and "Who Framed Sam?" Wish me luck, and I hope I don't fall on my face after months of no gigging.

(This could be me!! How embarrassing!!)

LOL!! Watching people fall is so friggin funny... That's right. Oh well stage fright all over again. But I'm just going get over it and to try to be as comfortable as I can and just do it... it is what it is, and all... I won't worry.

Show starts around 9 or 10... you know how that goes, so it will probably be pretty late when we go on. I don't care, that's cool with me... we'll finish up last, and then be able to pack up and leave after. Probably try to get there about 9 I guess, and make sure we have all our stuff ready to go.

Will update and POSSIBLY post photos of something if there are any decent ones to show... I usually look like total shit in photos other people take of me, so I am not likely to be posting too many with me in them. We'll see... If not, oh well.

As far as the music goes, we've been so busy trying to finish recording the CD and we had to stop to prepare for these couple of gigs. Tonight's gig, and then we "Stage Stop" it again on July 5th.

Guess I better get crackin on the preparations to disguise myself as a "Rock Star" hehe. ;)

Have a great night everybody, and "Wish you were here!"

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BBC said...

Good luck, have a lot of fun.