Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blister In The Sun

Yes it is another hot one today boys and girls. The steam is rising from the streets, the road rage is running high and the mosquitoes are lining up for those juicy buffets.

Speaking of pests, whatever bit me in Arkansas (I suspect it happened at the botanic gardens), really yumped me up. I have 3 bites. The two on the front of my shin are better, but the one on the back is still quite ugly. I thought they were ant bites, but they're really strange. Maybe they'll go away soon. Along with ugly bites, I have been plagued with outbreaks of random acne lately... guess it's the teenager in me trying to break out (literally). I had a big fat pimple right between my eyes about a week ago, and now I have a nice plump one on the bridge of my nose. It sucks.

Last night, Richie and I took our mountain bikes out and went to a local lake area. We found a nice little spot that was non-human-infested, and rode around and enjoyed ourselves for a couple hours, then went by the grocery store and picked up a few veggies for a delicious salad. Overnight, I slept quite heavily and had an extra-hard time prying myself out of bed this morning... this doesn't seem to be improving.

So, today I braved the walk down Main Street once again, and my lil' group went to The Majestic Grille, where I ordered the Grilled Salmon Nicoise salad. It was pretty good. Then we sweated on back to work for a yummy fulfilling afternoon.

Nothing much else to report really, it's been a relatively quiet day. I think I'm going to go ahead and post some "teen journal" tonight, which will be part of the Larry R. Saga... Even though I am not getting much feedback, I will do it anyway. Be back in a few... AJ


JINKS said...

I would like to hear the council singing...."hit the road jack" and then actually do is hot ain't it girlfriend....think matthew mcconaughey in " a time to kill"....sweaty chest in an open shirt....ohhhh pass the ice pleaz..

g-man said...

Bummer on the heat darlin. I tested our AC unit yesterday to make sure it would work. I think that we will be forced to turn it on this weekend.

I'd say "Hugs" but I don't want to stick to you. ;)

Tink said...

I have mild bacne. *Hangs head in shame* I feel your pain, girl. Btw, that spork shirt is KICK ASS! Thank you so much for the link.