Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ebb and Flow

Why? Why does it take so long to recover after a trip? We got back in gear Monday and still I feel behind. However, I'm working on it. I am trying to make it around to visit each of you slowly but surely.

Last night, we went Camping in my Mom's backyard. We were supposed to camp and cook out around the 'fire ring' in the back near the pond, but it didn't pan out that way. So I did not get to 'roast weenies' or make 'smores like I wanted. It's cool, since it is summer we still have plenty of time to sweat and have fun.

I took pictures of the tent and where we had it in the back yard, I guess Mr. J and I are not so good at 'roughing it'. We took an extension cord and plugged in the laptop to watch movies... yeah we're pansies... lol! Anyway, it was still fun hearing the crickets and listening to the sounds of the beautiful night.

I was totally SLATHERED with Avon's "Skin So Soft", which is extremely effective in keeping you from getting chiggers and mosquito bites etc... I know it sounds cooky, but it WORKS! Try it next time. Although I was oily and sweaty, I have no extra bites today. However, there is absolutely nothing like coming home from sweating profusely, taking a hot shower or bubble bath and feeling totally clean, even for a few minutes before going back outside into Satan's sweatbox (a.k.a. Memphis TN). :)

Now, it is time for me to get ready for band practice because we're getting ready for a June 14th gig at The Stage Stop, so gotta get cranking on the set list and all. I'm hoping it will turn out well... I've got stage fright again since it has been some time since our last gig. Will do the best I can though.

I will get you guys some great photos ready soon, I swear... and I'm still working on finding time to go through teen journals... I haven't given it up, just put it on hold until I can relax.

Jaxxx OUT!


Blondie said...

Thanks for your supportive comment, Auntie Jaxxxxxie. You're my fav. :)

You often hear people say they need a few extra vacation days to recoup from their vacation!

Sometimes it's more exhausting to go somewhere than to just work.

Nah, I'm drunk, forget that last part. ;)

Nothingman said...

trips are nice....been a long time i took one...hope you get to go on more trips :)

BBC said...

I'm back from camping and have started posting CAMPING PICTURES

Tink said...

You brought a laptop camping?! Bwahahaha. You crack me up.