Monday, June 23, 2008

No Snuff!

Man do the birthdays come and go. I never had many 'big' birthday parties... as I have always said, being in the early summer, everyone was usually off on vacations, traveling, otherwise involved with their summer fun, so it was rare for me to have many guests. The above picture was one of those rare occasions, where a few of my school friends were there, and my nieces, of course were there most of the time... That was my 12th birthday party at McDonald's. Didn't we look like dorks?? hehe.

Thing was, we didn't care! We had no worries except how to entertain ourselves, and to have fun... Near bout' the last of the "magic" birthdays this was... But there isn't a good reason for that. I have no excuses for that except to say that it was because my outlook went from magic to dust. Nobody's fault but my own. Life still has an abundance of magic, I just tucked it away somewhere and can't remember how to unlock it.

Well that is going to have to change... Every year, certainly, we get older. But the more we sit and think about how we are yet another year older, we're wasting away and wasting valuable time. Making the most out of all of the time we have left in this increasingly negative world is of the utmost importance... My mom has always preached, "One Day At A Time." She's always been right... I've always known it, but I let the lessons fall to the wayside.

We have only this moment, we've got to make it count.

I have a lot of work to do coming up, work on the 'better every day' me... Don't worry, I will definitely share it. We've got so many obstacles to conquer, so many dreams to make realities, and so many wishes to chase down. Let's get started!!!

Birthday cake is the enemy... it's that flame in each candle we need to keep burning and burning.

**Special thanks to everyone who sent me wonderful birthday wishes, or were in some way responsible for helping make my Birthday as perfect as could be. You Rock!


Jay said...

I refuse to allow candles on my birthday cake. No reason to be reminded that I'm already 40 and probably already more than half-way through my life.

How's that for a negative outlook? ;-)

Happy Birthday again babe. ;-)

BBC said...

Ah, I missed your birthday. Happy late birthday.

I never had any birthday parties as a kid. Enjoyed a few as an adult but mostly I just ignore them.

Turn 65 in a week, never expected to get this old. Never expected the world to be a piece of crap when I got old either, but that is how I see it as being.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Lots of belated hugs babe XX

My 51st is in December this year - physically.

Mentally it's a good 35 years off yet ;-)

Chelly said...

Love the pic Jax! So sweet :)

Further on up the road said...

Happy birthday... sorry for being late.

It's only a number of years so what - it's what you do today that matters.... Bollocks! Still worth a try.

And the old nutshell... You're only as old as the man your feeling.