Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh My Aching Back (WWC)

Wow. I think it must've been something over the weekend that I did, but I slightly twisted and pulled out my lower back. I've been in pain, worked from home yesterday but I'm trying... really trying today. :)

I haven't really been able to conjure up any cool new photos for this week's WWC theme of "Peekaboo" and "Dirty". (The Weekly Words Challenge being brought to us by our naughty little Tink of Pickled Beef. Therefore, I will do a lazy, bad thing, and revisit this photo I posted just a while back of my lower back "tramp stamp" tattoo... It's a Peekaboo because I am showing a bit of skin, and it is "Dirty" since it is right in the spot that our society considers a "Tramp Stamp". So there you go, and here it is. Some of you will remember it, some might not have seen it. It is one of my current four tats, but I always have room for more... ;)

So there you go. I know it's been a long while since I posted ONLY ONE photo, but I'm pressed this week, and also still bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I hope to be sans back pain, however, since we have a gig to play this coming Saturday, I would hate to be hunched over the mic.

Wish me luck, or come and give me deep tissue massage... I'll take either at present!


Jay said...

That tat is wicked cool.

Hope your back gets to feeling better quickly!

g-man said...

I can relate to the back pain, I hope you feel better soon. Interesting tattoo, what no butt cleavage? ;)

Be well.

Tink said...

There's no harm in digging into the archives every once in awhile. I did it last week as a matter of fact. I hope your back is feeling better soon! LOVE the tat. Purrr.

Btw, my camera is a Cannon Powershot SD700. I got it for $500 two years ago. I think you can get the SD1000 on amazon for less than $200. Check it out! Their cameras are awesome.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great pic! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Chatty said...

I've never heard the phrase "tramp stamp" - love it! I hope you back is much better soon, and that you have a great show.

Reb said...

"Tramp Stamp" - love it! Great tat, hope your back feels better soon. Nothing worse than feeling like Quasimodo.

Newt said...

Ooooh, cool tat. I have yet to do the tramp stamp. But, it will happen some day I'm sure. I can't stop at three :-)

I hope you feel better darl'n.

BBC said...

"Tramp Stamp"

Never heard of it.

I only have one tat, a small heart on my right arm that I did myself when I was 16/17.

Take care of the back, no wheel barrow tricks for a bit.

Further on up the road said...

Bad back hey... nudge nudge, wink wink, hey hey..... :-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Thanks :) I always appreciate you... ;)

Gman! Thanks, and no I didn't do the Plumber thang! hahaha (Too much bootai for one photo). ;)

Tink! Glad everyone else does once in a while. I hope I get in gear better next week, but I illustrated myself. :P

My camera is a Nikon D40x... I don't think I need a new cam, just a better lens! :P

RLL! Thank you girl! I appreciate it... Me and my Tats :P

Chatty! Tramp Stamp must be a southern thing?? Maybe?? I've heard it forever lol

Reb! I do hate being all Quazimoto... I'm still battling it but thanks for the sweet thoughts!

Newt! Yes, the more the merrier!!! :O

BBC! Actually "Tramp Stamp" is the word guys use for the tattoos on lower backs of girls, it's commonly said, "Tramp Stamp! Yep, may as well be a target..." LOL!!!

Further! I think that might be true, but if so it is a sex injury from like 1992 HAHAHA.