Thursday, August 02, 2007

You Can Take Me Anywhere

Ahhh Romance is in the air, what with all the talk lately of vegetables and such. One might think it were spring around here. But it is not. Right now it is "smack dab" in the middle of a hot summer in Memphis, and we all know that means. If the humidity doesn't kill you, the mosquitoes will pick you up and carry you off!

Yesterday, I was browsing around a few blogs and found the following few words just really made me stop for a moment and ponder.

(Read the original post here, really I recommend it for you romantics!) Quoted from a Blog called "Over Coffee," The perfect weekend destination, "What matters is not the destination, the places we go to, but the person who can take us anywhere, to any destination, when we actually remain in the same place!"

How true is that?? Not everyone is lucky enough to experience that one person who can truly take you anywhere in the world, just by being with them. You don't have to do anything special, or go anywhere in particular. The right person, that magical 'significant other' can take you to the far reaches of the earth with just a touch or a sweet gesture... or something as simple as dancing together (as she talks about in the post above).

If you are involved with someone, do you feel that this is that person who can show you the universe from where you stand right then?? Your wife, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, lover...? Do they have that mojo that sends you reeling? It's the stuff songs are made of isn't it?? It's such a wonderful feeling and a gift.

Small things, tiny moments really make a difference. We just have to take a moment to open up our eyes and truly see it.

I wish you all true love.


her indoors said...

wow i am one of the lucky ones i have that special person in my life, i feel honoured i really do. love the photo of the dogs so cute

barnze said...

I am one of those lucky folks who has found true love..An hour spent in a supermarket with the lovely Mrs B seems like a holiday to me.Loads of small things make my heart leap when we are together!

Love is all you need.

captain corky said...

I have that special person in my life too. Allyson is the first greatest thing that ever happen to me. Max is the second first greatest thing that ever happen to me.

Maria said...

Hi! Thank you for your appreciations on my blog ( and I'm really glad you liked my ...Cinderella story!

I must add that I'm very thankful for being so lucky and having such a wonderful relationship!

I wish you all to live in a fairytale, like I do!

Best regards!

JINKS said...

Yes, fortunately do have that kind of love in my life and its still a mystery. Thank you for introducing us to great bloggers such as yourself.

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have all found that person, and feel this way too! I feel the same way about Mr. J.
Thanks for commenting about this too.

Also, special Thanks to Maria for reminding of this through her fabulous "Cinderella Story"!


Caz. All I ever wanted.

Sara said...

I know what you mean. It's a rare gift indeed xx