Saturday, August 18, 2007

Full Frontal Friday

Well, I can think of no better day to do Blondie's Meme for me than on Full Frontal Friday. Especially because she was so excited about this new phenomenon that I put into action. So let me answer the "8 Facts About Me" (although I have done this before), and then I'll get to my very own FFF entry... Ok, here goes (copied Blondie's numbers). Also, I am not going to "Tag" anyone, because I know everyone gets tagged enough. You can do this though, if you like.

One, Uno, 1, Un
I'm an extreme procrastinator. I don't know where I get this from, but I would put off putting things off if I could only find a way. It does not enhance my life at all, but rather build up some stressful moments when I must make a deadline under pressure... luckily, I work well under pressure.

Two, Dos, 2, Deux
I was born with a broken collarbone, and so far I have not broken any other bones. I don't know how amazing this is, but to me it seems kind of lucky.

Three, Tres, 3, Trois
Although I make jokes about comments, it truly hurts my feelings & makes me sad when you don't leave me comments but you've made your rounds, and give everybody else some :) Sure, it's petty, jealous and 'babyish' of me, but I will reciprocate the friendship and support... I never neglect my top blog-pals, so don't neglect me. ;)

Four, Cuatro, 4, Quatre
I have road rage. I drive down the road cussing like a sailor and, like Blondie I try to listen to music that calms me down, but Memphis Drivers are just so crazy, it can't be helped.

Five, Cinco, 5, Cing
I looove the smell of the tattoo parlors, the antiseptic and the ink and tattoo needle, just gives me a buzz! I have four right now, and would have more if I had the money to spare. I must get #5 soon, as I don't like the number 4... (see #8).

Six, Seis, 6, Six
I still watch cartoons. I can't help myself, I am still a kid inside. Any given day that I have spare time, you can find me eyeballing The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny--these are among my favorite cartoon classics.

Seven, Siete, 7, Sept
My Biggest fears are spiders, drowning, old age and flying. So I guess flying over an ocean kind of doubles it up, especially if the plane were full of spiders and I was turning 90.

Eight, Ocho, 8, Huit
Good time to mention that I lightly enjoy numerology, in which case by my birth number, "4", I am told to avoid the number 8 as well as the number 4... so that makes me feel quite awkward leaving a list of 8, so I must add a number 9.

Nine, Nueve, 9, Neuf
While I do not consider myself an exhibitionist, and I am quite shy by nature, I have done some things that contradict this idea. Such as, once when I worked at a local radio station, I posed naked for photos for one of my coworkers who was attending art school, to assist him in his project.

Ok, well on that note, today's FFF-Foto is entitled:
"Detroit Rock Kitty"...

This week's idea, thanks to Barnze, as he requested "Knickers". So there you go. 'Kiss-es' to you all, and have a Cold Gin Weekend!! :) Rock On! -AJ


captain corky said...

Very Nice!!! You never disappoint Aunt Jackie.

I had a teacher that asked me if I was going to watch cartoons for the rest of my life once. LOL

36 and still going strong. :)

her indoors said...

great meme/tag. love number 7, so do you never fly or only with fear?

Aunt Jackie said...

Corky: Thank you! That is so sweet of you to say. Yes, Cartoons are da bomb! Let's all join hands in childish glee!

Indoors: Thanks and well, I don't know I haven't flown at all since 95. I'm not sure why exactly, no reason and also of fear... we'll see!

Cynnie said...

I will never ever neglect you again..
I promise!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I like the "Ren and Stimpy" show, and procrastination? Oh too unfortunatly :(
You have one wild and fun blog, I like it!!
See you later Aunt Jackie - your pal in Hollydale, SpeedyCat H.

Dan said...

Nothing here surprises me about you! :) Except the part about you fearing spiders. That is just too weird! no way! OK ... next FFF I want a spider crawling on you.

That would rule!

Aunt Jackie said...

Cynnie: Yay!!! Thank you, I'm glad to see you pop by.

Speedcat: Cool, thanks! Great to bring in a new blog acquaintance.

Dan: Thanks :D Unless I can Photoshop it or use a plastic spider, I'm afraid I may be disappointing you :(

barnze said...

Well well i never expected that...Nice one.

Aunt Jackie said...

Barnze: Cool thanks... What, no ideas for next week?? :) I'm at a loss here lol.

ZigZagMan said...

my favorite cartoons are still the ant & the ardvaark, fractured fairey tales, and Sherman and Peabody...:)

Great panties lass!! :)

awaiting said...

I am a procrastinator too...always putting things off...I should try to work on it..

Anna said...

I watch cartoons, too, and I'm already 25. *lol* Shy people do the msot crazy things because they are labelled that: Shy. And shy means, in others' eyes, demure and proper. Ha! I am shy but I am not demure and proper. At all. *lol* Interesting pic for today, by the way! *lol* You rock!