Monday, August 27, 2007

Key to Happiness

{breezy sigh} Are you happy?? I pretty much think I am happy in my life, but sometimes things do get hectic or depressing for me and I can't help but stop and wonder briefly if I have made the right decisions... Especially when those closest to us make it very hard to hold on to our self-esteem, and make us feel like we just can't seem to do anything right.

What is happiness anyway, and how does one go about achieving total personal satisfaction? Like with marriage (if you're married or have ever been married): Is your marriage perfect? Is any marriage perfect? Do/Did you fight? If so, is/was it about stupid stuff? Do you think it is normal, maybe even necessary that couples fight sometimes? But where do we draw the line?

Does anyone have a real true-life fairy tale, or do those even really exist?? What is the secret to a good, "lasting" marriage?? Does everyone have a top-notch perfect sex life? What do you consider perfect in that respect? If anyone has any insight about any of those questions, please feel free to share.

I'm not really up to much lately, just getting near the end of one of my 'feeling like hell' spells, emotionally and physically... but coping with it all. This promises to be a pretty nice week I guess.
  1. Took a couple of days off to add to my upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

  2. Tomorrow, Tuesday 8/28 is my 1 year blog anniversary. Can't believe it's been a year!!

  3. Wednesday, 8/29 is my Dad's 80th Birthday. 80th?!?!? Wow!!

  4. Friday, 8/31, we'll be having a birthday dinner for Dad, so that should be nice (hopefully).

  5. Weekend looks open at present, looking forward to a long one with the upcoming Labor Day holiday which will be...

  6. Monday, 9/3 Labor Day holiday observed.
So that is a peek into my week ahead. I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road and a surprise or two... I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping I feel much better than I did this last week. That's today's post I guess, take it or leave it. Have a good one yourself.


Jay said...

I think in a lot of ways happiness is a choice. There really is no way we're going to find the "perfect" life, unless we win the Powerball or something like hat. So, we have can either make the best of things and find ways that we will be happy with our lives or we can choose to be miserable.

Yeah, I know, I'm pretty miserable most of the time. ;-)

Happy Blogiversary a day early!

awaiting said...

aIf I only could tell you half of the stuff that I have been's been enough to land one into a mental institution. A while back,I was depressed, completely unhappy with the way my life turned out. But I realized, things may not be perfect, but I am still here...and I might as well spend most of my time happy instead of stuck in sadness.

Nope, life for me is hard, but not a day passes that I don't smile or laugh. Sometimes that's what keeps me going.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

First of all, whenever I read your blog, I'm so impressed with the look and layout...I'm jealous!

I think everyone has highs and lows. Your best day is only as good as the bad one you are comparing it to. I completely understand how you feel when talking of others harming your self esteem and feelings. The best thing I can tell you is that "self image" is the most important part of being happy...although this is hard to do. I find personally that doing great things for other people regardless of their treatment of myself is a huge source of positive energy.

Very few find that perfect soulmate, and even then, people by nature cannot agree on everything! It is easy to combat negativism with negativism, but obviously the worst thing to do. Give your best to someone, and see where it leads. That's just how this messy life works I guess :-)

Trust me, I am no expert on life, but I have really changed myself over the last 4 years since becoming sober (I was not doing so well before). I put my happiest and friendliest face to the world now, and most people respond with the same. Some will "always" have a cold heart though - you can't reach everyone.

Thank you for sharing your feelings, your openess is very touching. I will see you later!

Your friend, Speedcat Hollydale

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, you're totally right about that. It's just easy to forget sometimes... We have to live our lives and be ourselves, otherwise what's anything else worth?

Awaiting, same here gal... but I think you're on to something there. Smiling through the tears, and come out on the other side unscathed.

Speedcat, thanks! Yes that's true too... we have to make things happy, and work on relationships as they are constantly growing with us.