Friday, August 10, 2007

Winds of Change

Life is made of many roads, each with their own set of twists and turns. It is amazing sometimes to think on just how many changes we've been through. I'm certain that each of us has our very own private collection of laughter and joy, tears, sorrows, even naughty times, and of course dreams and hopes for the future.

Sometimes, however, it is inevitable not to think about moments from our past, remember certain people and events rather fondly. Every one of them is a little part of who we have become, you know... who we are today.

Do you ever wonder how those from your past remember you, or remember the 'good ole days'? Wouldn't it be cool to know what they thought about it all too?

I am lucky to have so many good memories.
Allow me to share a recent e-mail...


Just 4 you! :)

I have a memory... it started right here at this location in the photo (do you recall?).

I met this guy named 'Manny' down on Beale St. who was stationed at Memphis Navy Base... We all walked around, and ended up back at this place he and the rest of the guys were staying. The soundtrack of that evening is set to "Winds of Change" by The Scorpions, which he and all the guys were singing along to. Manny got me addicted to wearing "Eternity" cologne by spraying the Men's version all over me, and I've used the ladies' version ever since.

Isn't it funny how things are etched in our memories and how we each see these things individually...?

Just thought you would get a smile out of it... I snapped it today on my lunch break.

Have a great weekend!


The Reply


Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. I too remember the night and will not forget it!!! Wasn't that the night that I went to a Megadeth Concert at the Daisy? I wonder if you might recall what else was going on that night. We had fun didn't we ;) Was it good for you too?

Am I out of line to ask you such things?

I have to run for now.


PS: I saved the pic to my pictures

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fergal said...

hey - thanx for the tips & advice on awaiting's blog - i appreciate these and basically agree with pretty much all of it. and i've been considering these & other issues this week; plus over the space of a few days the initial, intense infatuation has kinda dissovled (mostly). perhaps one key thing she had relative to my wife, is that she's about 9 years younger - there are other factors but that's a big one i think. so anyhow, yeah - i think i'm doin what u recommend anyhow. we've exchanged brief email this week & that's it; and i'm quite sure i won't see her again.
thanx again - i appreciate it!
ps - what is slayer's best album in your opinion?