Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get It On Tuesday

Well, I'd started the week off with a little "Jack Black" and "John Cusak", and I guess the week continues to deserve some of Jack's most tenacious singing. No this isn't "Tenacious D", but it's really a great version of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". I'd say pretty good for a Tuesday.

Another busy Tuesday at that, so I will let you guys enjoy this little video, and hope to be back tomorrow with a possible story. Have a good one!! -AJ


Beefcake Almighty said...

To hell with Cusak.

Nobody can hold a match to Tenacious D's version of "Flash Gordon."

captain corky said...

The new look is great! ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Well, I like the movie High Fidelity, it's really funny. Tenacious D Rocks Beefcake!!

Thanks Corky!!! :)

Twisted Cara Bear said...

Ahhh what a way to start my Tuesday....Gracias :)

Jay said...

You know, nothing against Jack Black, but I think I'm gonna have to listen to Marvin Gaye doing that song to get Jack's version out of my head. LOL

I mean, he doesn't really suck or anythi .. HEY ... was that Darlene in the crowd? Wow! Last I remember her she was still living in Lanford with Dan and Roseanne. Nice to see her getting out and about.

awaiting said...

My Tuesday was busy too...applying for jobs left and right and just taking care of kids.

Here's to the rest of the week!