Friday, August 10, 2007

Full Frontal Friday

I guess somehow I "promised" something in a notation about doing things for comments. Oh well... what the heck, it's the weekend. However, now I need a shot of tequilla. What do you have to say now, Rockdog?


Dan said...

Jaxxx, look at you! Or ... your ... um ... look at your ... um ... I'm a bit tongue-tied.

Wow! OK, I showed my butt, but you have now displayed greater bravery than I! :)

Very nice indeed Jaxxx. Blush.

Happy weekend!!

her indoors said...

love the tattoo, and you are braver than me! have a great weekend Ax

captain corky said...

WOW! MY EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY!!! Wonderful Aunt Jackie. ;)

RockDog said...

That's not the full frontal everyone was asking for... LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Trenting said...

Umm honey, were you aware that you don't have a shirt on, there's a pervert in my house trying to guess what brand of bra you have on..and if you have any hidden tats..

Aunt Jackie said...

Dan: Um I know. :) Just so you guys know, I'm not really an exhibitionist or anything, I'm quite shy, but I thought I'd prove what I said and all ;) Plus, usually Zig has this thing called "Half Nekkid Thursday" so I thought full-frontal friday would be interesting... Not total nudity of course, I can't do that, besides a bra is nothing different than a bikini bathing suit top, am I wrong??

Indoors, not too brave, just took a quick stupid chance. Now my sister thinks I'm a perverted moron. Truth is, I just like to fly my own way... It's just a dang bra... The victoria's secret girls do it all day long :)

Corky: hahaha Thanks :)

Rock, what were you looking for butt cleavage, boob cleavage or beaver-cleavage?? LOL!!!

Trenting: Yes, I was aware--and I hope I didn't cause you any grief :)

Thanks for popping by to see me popping out guys... it's all in fun.

(Vickie you better not tell or I will retaliate).

Anna said...

*lol* Now that's what I'd call bravery! Full-frontal Friday... The title is catchy too! *l*

barnze said...

Do we get a knickers shot next week?
It certainly puts my foot pics to the back of the queue!

captain corky said...

Reading this post for the second time is even better than reading it for the first time. ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Well now this is more like it. :)

Anna, thanks for popping by. I aim to shock occasionally... just goes to show, one never knows what Whacky Aunt Jackie might do... even still.

Barnze, hmmm you're feeding me with ideas to keep this "Full Frontal Friday" thing going... I will try to be creative. :)

Corky, Wow 2 comments from you in the same post, This has to be a record! :D

fergal said...

what is the tatt of?
thanx for the comment.
i haven't listened to those slayer albums, but i have a mp3 copy of 'reign in blood' here so i'll check it out ;-D

Chucky said...

Hell I'll even leave a comment for those =)

Blondie said...

Yum! I didn't know full frontal friday really exist... NOW I KNOW!


I like I like I like I...oh...heart goin' wonky again....

Aunt Jackie said...

Fergal, why thanks! :)

Chucky, thanks I am honored :D

Blondie, well I sort of made it up--will you help me make the dream a reality? hehe.

FourD! NOOoooo Don't go again, I can't be responsible!! :) So glad you are back and feeling better!