Monday, August 20, 2007

Whole Lotta Monday

Mmmmmm.... M&Monday--Oops I think that was a typo, still, don't you want some M&M's now?? They're so chocolaty and delicious! Peanut, Plain or Peanut Butter, even with Almonds now right? Just a delicious little melty bite of chocolate. It truly does melt in your mouth, not in your hand! :)

Anyway, chugging through Monday again... the weekend was not too bad. Rockdog didn't have a show this week, but Yas had hers. Unfortunately (and apologetically), I didn't get to listen in... so sorry Yas! Anyways, maybe this next Saturday. Rockdog's cousin, "J-Bone" is going to be testing out drinks, so get over and suggest a recipe, and he might just try it out on the air!! I am unable to think of anything inventive, but I haven't given up hope just yet. So that's Blogtalk radio news, for now.

I've heard it said, if you're feeling irritable and everything is going wrong for you on a Monday that you have a "Case of the Mondays". This originated from a little movie called, Office Space, just about the best movie ever! If you like to laugh at office humor and its politics, and laugh about the 'cubicle' environment, then you'll totally love that movie. Watch it asap if you haven't seen it!

On Today's Agenda
-Pay Bills
-Take Some Photos hopefully
-More Work
-Grocery Shop for my Quinoa & Grilled Zucchini recipe
-Go to gym and work off weekend overindulgence

That's pretty much it, nothing very exciting today... Hope you all have a good one. If possible, I'm going to try to work up a little story this week to share since I haven't written one in a while. So o.k. then, you guys go out there (safely) and have a great week! Enjoy today's special "Monday Video". All you Jack Black (or John Cusak) Fans will smile.


JINKS said...

I was gonna chew you for eating M&M's.....but you calmed me down with some Jack and John.....either one of which is a
"conversation stimulator"...I take it that wasn't what ole Jack was snacking on....

RockDog said...

Classic clip!


Classic Black. M&M's are fuckin' horrible!! You like 'em??? Maybe they taste different over there. Taste like rat droppings over here.

Not that I know what rat droppings taste like of cour...ang on...oh yeah...I had a Macdonalds once...

Aunt Jackie said...

Jinksy, I haven't eaten any M&Ms... I was just trying to make my audience hungry for chocolate LOL.

Rockdog, Yes I love that movie!

Dinners, I like M&Ms alright and all, not my favorite candy but they don't taste like Rat droppings--not that I've tasted the rat droppings either. Hehe.

Cynnie said...

nkerbellI LOVE M&Ms!!!..
with peanuts..although I'm allergic to peanuts ..

and i LOVE jack black ..
probably with peanuts

Cynnie said...


Jay said...

I pretty much go for the regular M&Ms. Not a big fan of the peanut M&Ms but they aren't THAT bad if that's all that is available.

Office Space was ridiculously funny. Even if it is on cable tv ALL the freaking time.

Chucky said...

office movie evea!

I even have that one.