Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday's (Almost) Gone

Well, I have truly been a busy little bee lately and haven't had much time to plan stories or put up anything worth reading. I see you all liked my "Mr. T" April Fools sign, and I'm glad!

It is definitely spring around Memphis, the humidity is rising, everyone's abuzz with the spring events that we have around here, such as Africa in April, featuring the Republic of Liberia this year. Then there's Memphis in May coming up, featuring Spain. Along with that of course, is the vast array of Barbecue cooking contests, music festivals and sights galore. Lots to see and do--I just hope maybe I can force myself out into the land of the living long enough to go and see a couple of them...

April is also special because yesterday, April 2nd was my beautiful Mother's birthday. I will respect her and not give away her age online. She's ageless and a classic beauty anyway, so the number does not matter... I just know that I am so lucky to have been able to have both Mom and Dad in my life for this long, and can only hope to keep them for as long as possible... and cherish every moment... One day, those moments will all be treasured memories that will live on in my heart.

Now to immediate things, I have to get ready for Easter, which has always been a traditional holiday for my family... even when we were little kids, we got all dressed up and had Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy. Nowadays, it isn't like it was then--we still "attempt" to have family over to my Mom-n-Dad's house, and we try to do the holiday dinner, and I still cling on to the habit of dying Easter eggs with my Dad... I just can't let go, I'm too sentimental. So I'll do that this weekend, in an attempt to convince myself that it is all still special... but as I said before, You Can't Go Home Again.

Have a few things to finish up today, and then the rest of the week is pretty much holiday around here, I'll be off work tomorrow and Friday, and of course the weekend so hang around... you never know what I might present next... I have some special things planned so tune in!! :)


JINKS said...

Colorful and informative, enjoyed it. See you on the bunny trail.
Happy Easter.

goatman said...

I liked the butterfly.
Much life happening now. Loved Beale St. in Memphis, you are lucky to live nearby.

RockDog said...

It sounds like Sprin time is a good time down south!

Rock ON!


Aunt Jackie said...

Jinks: Thanks! I'm glad to see you around, can't wait for your next post.

Goatman: Glad you stopped by! You've been to Beale?? That's very cool, Memphis can be alright sometimes, if you can dodge the bullets ;)

Rock: Lots of music, food and beer, you should check it out sometime!!

barnze said...

Nice to have your parents around,i miss mine a lot,Sometimes i see folks who look like them and chase a second look,Bless um.

Chelly said...

Hope your Mom had a lovely birthday. She sounds awesome. I love when you write about your parents. It's so touching. I feel the same way too.