Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Satisfaction and Stuff

Daily Horoscope for Cancer
If you are satisfied with your life now, then you will be easier to get along with. Even if you have been wounded in love, this is a time when you can move past the pain of your own past. Letting go, though, can sometimes require forgiving someone else first. But you cannot stop there; you must also forgive yourself.
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well, satisfied... are any of us really satisfied with our lives... completely? Some I guess more than others. As for me, I guess I would grade myself "somewhat satisfied"... maybe enough to be easy to get along with this week. The horoscope is pretty decent advice for any of us though in the way of forgiving ourselves in the process of forgiving others... Letting go can be hard, but I do know it is essential for any long-term satisfaction out of life. Life is nothing short of the laughter, love and happiness that we squeeze out of it... that's up to US as individuals.

So it is Wednesday (a.k.a. Hump Day) once again... That means I need to REMIND you guys to check in with Meggy Moon for this week's edition of 'Meggy Moon's Crazy Talk'... Wednesdays every week at 6:00 CST! Great Hump Day treat... go and visit with her tonight, I'll try to be there and she encourages audience participation... Do it!

After that, if you still need something to occupy your time, catch up by reading my excessively long story... don't bitch and complain, soak it all in. There's much worse reading out there and besides, it won't take you more than 5 minutes if you have finished your Hooked On Phonics Program. And if you need help, you can always Email me, and I'll be glad to 'splain it to you... Come on! Do it!!

Your final assignment for the day is to go and have an extreme and hardcore giddy Hump Day... I'm going to... DO IT!!!!!


RockDog said...

I like Beavis and Butthead. They make me wet my pants...laughing.

Aunt Jackie said...

No Rockdog, I think that it's just that time of life for you, wetting your pants is going to be happening... alot. ;)

HAHAHAH! J/K! Happy Hump Day!

captain corky said...

Happy hump day Jackie. There are things I could improve but I'm pretty satisfied right now.

cappy said...

happy hump day? are we talking of the same meaning as we have over here?
thanks for the signature, now get your pals to do the same, i only need 20 more!

Dan said...

Hump Day rocked!

I'm a Cancer -- are you Jaxxx?

Blublood said...

I have been slacking so bad...!!! I almost completely forgot about HUMP DAY, DAMN!!!

Huked on fonicks wurked fur me though....\

Been missin' ya' Jackie, just been busy and tired.

Have a good one today okay...