Friday, April 06, 2007

Congratulations, It's A Blog!!!

First of all, my apologies if I haven't made it by your blogs lately, I have tried and have been by as many as I could, but I have been so bogged down by business... Guess I've done o.k. considering. But today is Good Friday, so I will spend some time this morning catching up with you all.

Looking at my Archives today, I realized that I have been nurturing and developing this blog for around 9 months. So, in a way it's sort of like a baby that has barely just been "born", so-to-speak. Well, it still has a long way to go I guess, just like any of us do... maybe one day when it grows up it could be a Novel! Imagine that! But for now, it's just a bouncing baby blog that needs love and care while it develops. ;)

Now, that may sound silly to many of you who are of the opinion that being on the computer, is wasting time or taking away from your life (the other more meaningful one). But for someone like me, who has always taken pleasure in the written word, and enjoyed writing journals, stories, and poetry since I was a young girl, it only enriches mine. I believe that you can find time to do whatever you enjoy in life, and that there is nothing at all wrong with enjoying technology... and using it to express ourselves. That can be tremendous therapy. Plus, the multitude of wonderful people that I have made acquaintances with in the blog community have made it all such fun. So, some of you bloggers that have 'gone astray', and you know who you are, re-think at least sharing a tiny speck of your (otherwise fun) life with us, it doesn't steal but maybe a few minutes here and there... we miss you! Then we can all go out into the world and do something that's 'actually' meaningful, right?? Good.

Wait, our absentee bloggers probably wouldn't even be reading this anyway so who am I lecturing? Probably nobody then! So I'll end this post now, and go finish preparing my special Easter treat, which is a story that I am going to waste valuable time blogging to you guys today!! Come back and read it with caution, and remember that the 5 minutes wasted on the computer taking time to read it are 5 minutes that you will never get back!

Have a waste-free, fun-filled Friday everyone!

Oh, and for those who do enjoy writing, and even blogging for the sake of expression and enjoyment you might find This article about 'Morning Pages' interesting and helpful.


RockDog said...

Happy Easter!

Phil said...

Hi Jackie,

I thought that was a wonderful way to put your blog, relating it to a young baby, I really enjoyed this post and the link that you provided us, the morning pages, I can really relate to what you wrote and the morning pages article just came together with your post.

You really have a wonderful blog Jackie, keep up the great work and your baby will grow up with a lot of your personality with your writings that touch us all. I love the name that you gave for your baby too, a really wonderful name.

Well Jackie you have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend and thank you so much for your words, they truly touched me.

captain corky said...

I think your blog is comming a long just fine. Before you know it will be a grand epic.