Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have A Dog Gone Happy Easter!!!

Gotta be truthful here, I've been racking my brain and nothing THAT interesting ever happened on Easter for me to really write up a story about it. Plus, I'm still going through a bit of a block. Gotta go dye some eggs and have some family fun, so I'll leave you guys with this, and my very best wishes for an ecstatically Happy Easter!!!

**Aunt Jackie will return after these messages**
Please enjoy a very funny portion from "Old School" the movie.


Dan said...

Yeah, I always thought of Easter as a kind of second-rate Christmas. But what the hell! I'm hear to wish you a wonderful Easter because you've been such a sweet blogger buddy!

Hugs and kisses Jackie. Love your new profile photo!

her indoors said...

Happy Easter Aunt Jackie

awaiting said...

Hope you have one fabulous Easter!

Tisha! said...

Enjoy sweet cakes!

Chelly said...

Happy Easter Jaxxx!! :)