Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Like It

Well, I had a milestone today. When I woke up this morning at my Mother's house, after very little sleep to begin with, I volunteered to make breakfast for her so she wouldn't have to--That's not the milestone, however. Do you remember a couple months ago when I posted about My Mom's Biscuits, and how I ruined them by suggesting she use Canola oil instead of her trusty ole 'Crisco' shortening? Well this morning I made my very first batch of biscuits (in the honorable Crisco tradition, in my Mother's footsteps) and she gave me her 100% stamp of approval! I will post a photo of these biscuits later... I swear. Must prove this!

Anyways, I got all caught up on family time, and my spirit is once again recharged like the dead battery it was from this past week... But it's sunday, and that only means one thing--Work starts again tomorrow... (Wait, make that two things because Heroes comes on tomorrow night too thank goodness!).

So in honor of my dread for Monday I have to warn you that I am about to break out into full DeBarge meltdown by posting a video I ran across of these cute kids doing a quite amusing video to "I Like It"... It made me smile, and dance so I hope you enjoy... yes, every once in a while I have a "DeBarge Moment"... and I don't feel a damn bit guilty! :D

Cheers guys and gals!!


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Moms know best in the kitchen!

Chelly said...

Mmm biscuits! Can't wait to see the pics. I have DeBarge moments too AJ. :) They just sort of slip in now and then. Great posts this week by the way.

Hope you have a good Monday! :)

Phil said...

Here I am deep in the forest making biscuits over the open fire the way that they used to do it in the old west the mountain man fashion.

Probably not as tasty as Mom's but will make me satisfied to carry on and keep going. Two more days through the forest up the mountain and I will be at my stake claim gold mind where I will be gathering berries for my trek back down into town to cash in some of those gold nuggets for some money that I can spend a bit of in the saloon and the rest for supplies.

So far everything is going well I haven't run into old three toes, the old angry Grizz that has been pestering me in the past treks into town and back again. All of a sudden just about to pack my gear I hear this sound of crushing branches my trusty mountain man rifle is too far away to reach, I have to think fast....Question one. What would you do as a city slicker?

Phil said...

Fortunately I turned my head very slowly and checked, whew what a relief it was a dear that made that sound, but don't dare to shoot that dear for venison here because sure as I do ole Three Toes will be showing up.

I need to get higher into the mountains before even thinking of doing something like that because this is the early 1800's and there ain't no refrigerators yet and the cool mountain air will keep venison fresh and old Three Toes doesn't go up that far because the old mountain side rock is loose and one thing bears don't like is loose rocks.

About the only animals that go up that far into the mountains are mules because they are sure footed or mountain goats.

I get my gear all packed up and the fire put out but I feel something in the air and it's a uneasy feeling like I have only sensed a few times before, It's three toes alright he has been watching me from a distance, well not exactly watching me, my sent was going his direction so he could tell that I was there, you see a bear don't have very keen eye sight for long distance and knowing what a bear can do and what they can't can be a life savor for anyone out here deep in the woods. Anyways I know now that he found where I was from the camp fire so I need to find me an area that he can't be sensing me from a distance so I decide to take that trail that treks through the marsh lands before heading up higher into the mountains, grizzes are heavy and don't like trapesen through the marsh lands because they sink a bit in the soft mushy mud and knowing that clever grizz he will get to the point of where I went into the marsh and wait awhile to see if I continue going on, if the wind stays in the same direction so that he can smell my sent he will either follow me or he will go out around and be there on the other side waiting for me to come out, smart those grizzes, but not as smart as an old mountain man who has had plenty of dealings with these kinds of angry old grizzes. I keep going through the marsh and then when I notice that he is going to go out around the marsh, I trek back the way that I came in always keeping the old grizz in sight, he can't see me but if the air turns so that his sent comes my way he won't be able to tell which way that I am going. Either way I know that I am going to have to forgo a extra night's sleep and keep on treking, this is going to be a full day and a half to get to my gold mind claim but if I can hold out and stay ahead of old three toes I will be doing great. Old grumpy will be three times angrier when it comes time for me to make my trek back into town though ( I grinn ).

captain corky said...

Please post the pics and have a good week. Heroes should be good tonight.

barnze said...

Heroes is a top bit of tele!

Four Dinners said...

gimme a biccy

weird kids

AuntJackie said...

Blue this is true! Mom's cookin is king!
Chelly! Thanks and i'm glad i'm not the only one :)
Phil, cool story going there... you have me picturing myself up in the mountains and the chilly mountain air... I like it!
Corky-will be posting them asap :)
Barnze: I'm hooked on Heroes! I can't help m'self!
4D-Yes, they are weird kids... and my biscuits is your biscuits! lol

her indoors said...

i want biscuits and i want them NOW

Phil said...

Hi Aunt Jackie,

Well thank you Jackie, I have my moments. :)

I am glad that you enjoyed that and I have to say that your blog does inspire me.

I enjoyed your post too correlating how the different types of cooking oil can make the big difference. Your mom is quite the cook and in fact a lot of her recipes I can tell are those that were handed down through the ages.

Stick with her ways and you will find out that soon you will be making prize winning pies and all kinds of things.

I have always found out that I learn a great deal of valuable things by listening to my elders.

RockDog said...

Post a picture! We love good biscuits!