Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Masked

It is officially Friday the 13th. I posted my 'Friday the Dorkteenth' story above, so enjoy! I fixed the date on it thanks to a helpful pointer--I didn't even realize you could do it--so that's cool, now it's marked Friday the 13th as it should be! :)

For more Friday the 13th fun, if you have nothing better to do you can Go Reflect on a previous post about Mr. J and his Jason Mask. Hope everyone has a wonderful and lucky Friday. Watch for the black cats crossing the road, take heed and all that!! :) And above all else, have a wonderfully crazy-fun weekend! You all Rock!



Jax was born on Friday 13th - October '89. I was removed from the delivery room by a very large black midwife who caught me checkin her head for 666.

Have a great weekend babe

Sara said...

I'm off to a punk gig tonight and apparently, the lead singer has the hots for me...we'll see! I could do with some good luck on this Friday 13th after the crappy day I've had..Have a good one too AJ!

awaiting said...

Nothing up for me this Friday the Thirteenth. I guess a horror movie is in order for tonight.

*And you can change the date of the post in the post to edit and you should see a 'date post' or something like that and you can set the date to whatever you want.

Dan said...

Jaxxx, you can always change the Date and Time yourself. There is an option box at the bottom of the post when you're editing it. If you need help, let me know.

Off to read the post below ...

Blublood said...

You Rock more...!!!!