Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursdays Need Love Too

I've been trying to get some things done today, but alas the temptation to slack has won again. Today is the next to the last day of the week, which happens to be tomorrow... I'm so glad. I'm merely sitting here wondering what I can get stirred up for the weekend. I feel rather mischievous, but don't know exactly what I want to do. Definitely, i'm going to visit Mom and Dad... not sure if I will do that Friday night or Saturday night though (I think it is essential that I enjoy a nice, quiet relaxing visit for my soul). It's an escape for me.

Aside from that, it would be cool to have some sort of an adventure!

Great visits that I had today were with Dan over at Dan's Blah Blah Blog, and we both discovered some very uncanny similarities in our personalities because of our 'Cancerian Heritage'. He shared some great photos with me from the many travels he and his wife Laura have experienced. It's very breathtaking some of the places they have been, and I only wish I could travel more. Thankfully, we have wonderful people like them to share their voyages with us through the magic of photography.

Also, got to briefly chat with Rockdog, and we discussed our trying to find the time to get to our writing projects, but it's been so very busy for everyone lately. Responsibilities come and go, sometimes they're heavier than others, but I am a firm & procrastinating believer in the old "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (it's all small stuff)" philosophy... and that we only live (this life) once and some things can just wait, and you have to make time to do the things that you enjoy immensely.

So tonight I have band practice with my band, SAP. Other than that, I want to get to bed early enough to get up and go walking in the morning before work. Then I have to finish digging around to find something great to do this weekend... any ideas?

Enjoy the rest of your day, and if you don't get back through the Forrest again soon then remember to have a Happy Weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow with maybe something Funtastic for Friday. Cheers!


captain corky said...

I've been busy myself, but the schedule I'm on right now is perfect. I wish I could stay on it forever.

Dan said...

Jaxxx, dear! I so enjoyed our exploration of our Cancerian heritage!

And guess what ... it's FRIDAY!!! YAY!!!

Enjoy the visit to your parents. We'll be visiting my mom tomorrow. We all deserve an escape.

HAPPY WEEKEND ... almost. :)

Biddie said...

I am delurking! Not very busy, just very bored. An adventure is just what I neeed...Any suggestions?

Nothingman said...

Blogging and real life..a precarious balance....its tough balance.
you play keys and vics in your band...that is supremely graet.
Kudos and Good Luck!


Nothingman said...

i hate spelling mistake but they creep in somehow.
hah :(

i meant you sing and play the keys, right?