Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Does Truth Have Handles?

Although Memphis is well known for its great musical history and talent, the city is not devoid of its political history, or dark times. The south itself carries a reputation for racial strife, and in some parts of the south it still runs high. But make no assumptions, whether you know it or not, racial tension is not just in the south alone... it can be witnessed in many other places in this world.

At any rate, as I mentioned in my other post below, today, April 4th is Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial day. I was not around when Dr. King was killed, of course, but its effects are still all around me, in song and in remembrances of our city and its vast history.

I Invite You To Read Jink's post for today, entitled "Who Can Handle The Truth?", which shows us Dr. King's death among other political events at the time through the eyes of one 11 year old girl. I found it to be very moving, as I think you will too. It all makes you think... and wonder... what IS the truth??? As Barnze posted today, "Veritas vos liberabit." or "The Truth Shall Set You Free" (basically)... Sometimes it seems truth can make matters worse, and sometimes the truth does indeed set one free--sometimes just in time to get hit by that Mack truck right down the road. ;-)


barnze said...

Free at last! What would the doctor think of todays society?


I've heard of love handles....not the same thing though is it?

Freedom? The UK is the most 'watched' country on the planet. CCTV everywhere. Now they've installed sound in em so the watchers can yell at us n all. Bollocks.

captain corky said...

I think he would be happy with some of the progress. Not all, but some.

JINKS said...

Wow, thank you for the comment and hope others do give it a read........not only does truth have handles, but a hole in the bottom...that's how it leaks out.

Tisha! said...

hey seetie pie,

absolute truth is often too much for us to bear.

I'm quite blunt and frank but I'm learning with age (brings wisdom apparently LOL) that too much truth can be a bad thing.

BIG kiss

Mike E said...

When truth makes things worth I bet it's because the truth is things were that fucked up already.

We just don't always know it until we see the truth.

As for the handles -- you mean a way to get a grip on truth? Perhaps. Perhaps we grab hold with laughter.

Truth after all is without exception the funniest joke of all.

Kim C said...

Truth is absolute. The absoluteness of Truth is what we each have inside of us. What we Know is Truth. What we Feel is Truth. My Truth is different from your Truth but still it is True Truth. It is what I live on. My Truth is My Freedom.