Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Is For The Dork In You

Well, I've just pretty much decided what I'm going to present for my Dork story in honor of Friday the Dorkteenth. Yes, that's right-it's a great day for horror stories, or huge stories of embarrassment so I've decided to take time out from my "extreme coolness" to join all of you dorks for a day of fun and celebration. :) If you're wondering what on Earth my story might be about, I'll give you a hint: Childhood Crushes, Mud Pies and Crayola Eyeshadow. Me a lowly fifth grader, and he a sexy senior in high school (I liked em' older back then). So tune in for it... tomorrow.

If you haven't checked into this event already, then do so and think about posting your very own tale of Dorkishness. I'm doing it, Rockdog's doing it, and some others I'm sure... so Join Us!!!

Therefore, today I'm preparing my thoughts to share with you all tomorrow, a dorky side of me hopefully like none you've ever seen... While you're waiting, I'm sure there's plenty around 'the forrest' for you to read and catch up on... so enjoy! See you on the dork side!!!


awaiting said...

This sounds so cool..but I have so many, which ever shall I choose. Yeah, I am a dork.

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh me too Awaiting, me too... We can only choose the dorkiest of our evils and go with it!! Hope to read yours tomorrow!

RockDog said...

Great oogly moogley! I can't wait to read this!