Saturday, November 25, 2006

Riding the Long Holiday Tunnel

<-(For the stress of the holidays) But, Don't get me wrong, the holidays aren't all that bad, especially with the days off and all. Just getting over Thanksgiving sort of--and I haven't had much time to get on the computer since then, so much family stuff going on after mine, then my in-laws stuff, I've had no chance to do some of the things I had planned... Slept late yesterday, and didn't get to go with 'Auntie Tamra' to the after-thanksgiving day hell-sales, I just wasn't able to function and then we had my in-laws by afternoon anyway... so if you're reading this Tamra, sorry I haven't had time to call and i'll e-mail you soon. As well to my neice Kristie for missing her After-Thanksgiving Waffle Breakfast! :(

Anyways, Christmas is creeping right upon us and can really throw you for a loop if you're not careful, so hopefully everyone will get all they need done and get everything from Big Bad Santa Claus that they've asked for [And hopefully nothing that you DIDN'T ask for-muuhahah].

Well, i'm off to grocery shop and try to get in a quick work-out, so i'll be back later when I have a bit more time... Hope everyone's safe and happy this weekend!! AJ


Ordinary Janet said...

I wouldn't go shopping the day after Thanksgiving if you paid me!

I said to Mom last night after watching yet another Christmas-themed commercial that I'm sick of Christmas already.

Aunt Jackie said...

I totally understand that, I dislike large crowds and heavy traffic alot, I have to really be pumped up and mentally able to handle if I do go on busy days... Online shopping seems better for me, but it's easy to recluse.

her indoors said...

i love xmas shopping but hate the crowds! i just cant wait to get away from it this year we are off to ireland to me mates, i havenet cooked a xmas dinner for mmmm four years!

Steven Novak said...

I was completely intent on forgetting Christamas all together this year.

1. I won't be seeing any family really.

2. I'm broke.

MY mother told me over hte phone that neither of these matter and that she expects a present...

My mother is a jerk. ;)


Aunt Jackie said...

Keep up the good work Indoors I feel ya and am so thankful for online shopping!! :)

Steve, I gathered as much from reading some of your book. So far, so good... I love the stories. I was pretty much a loser, but I never got hit in the head with any tater tots. Got hit in the arm by a water balloon once though. Didn't feel too good.


Now that's my idea of Santa!!!

Aunt Jackie said...

Hehe... I thought you guys would enjoy that little Christmas "Flash"