Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Miss My Childhood, I'm Goin Back!

Oh what if we could all truly rekindle the "Wow Factor" in life? I really try to, & I'd like to think there are others out there who do the same. Let's Laugh at ourselves, make snow angels, enjoy making pictures out of clouds, 'slosh' around in rain puddles, drink hot cocoa with marshmallows and invite our old imaginary friends over for dinner. Let's laugh at the big as well as small things in life. Our perception of what life should be has become over complicated and creates too much paperwork and pain.

This is in honor of childhood and all that it represents to all of us "old(er) children". Fishing around on the net, I found these 3 poems that I wanted to share with you all.

by Eugene F. Ware

It passed in beauty,
Like the waves that reach
Their jeweled fingers
Up the sanded beach.

It passed in beauty,
Like the flowers that spring
Behind the footsteps
Of the Winter King.

It passed in beauty,
Like the clouds on high,
That drape the ceilings
Of a summer sky.

"Old Child" by Mihai Cosmescu

Child. Old child,
No longer wild;
No longer speaking,
No longer beguiled;
I have become
A quiet old child.

Child. Old child,
No longer cold;
Never an old man,
Always too old;
I have become
An old child tenfold.

Child. Old child,
Forever a child;
Always rethinking,
Always exiled.
I should become
A happy old child.

Child. Old child.
Always soft-spoken;
No longer breaking,
Still being broken;
I have become
An old child, unspoken.

Child. Old child,
No longer bold;
By thinking, rethinking
Of stories untold,
All through my childhood,
I've become... old.

"Childhood Fantasy"
by Philip Zemler

The war party gallops wildly across the plain,
War horns blow shrilly, sending their sharp notes through the air,
Banners flutter in the wind,
Gold glimmers off the foreheads of the magnificent riders
And light flashes off drawn steel.
In answer to the horns, the portcullis is raised
The drawbridge is dropped.
The children ride across their mud puddle moat
And into their cardboard castle.
They sheathe their wooden swords and tether their stick horses.

My apologies for the poetry and the slight complaint if they were boring today. I feel comical most of the time, but i'm sometimes serious as well... but no matter what, I enjoy sharing what's on my mind...

Coming tomorrow: The long-awaited photo of Aunt Jackie's Celtic Tree of Life tattoo (finished product). Check back for it, and it goes out to Cappy, sorry I didn't put that up any sooner. See you all tomorrow!!!

*Also, special thanks to Chelly (I Miss My Childhood) for reminding me about childhood and the memories that we're lucky to be able to share from it.


jillie said...

Great post. Thanks for bringing me back. If I could go back I WOULD!

chelly said...

I agree, fantastic post (especially your first paragraph)! And I would go back too if I could. Thanks for the kind words AJ!! I really emjoyed those poems you selected, I'm going to save them.

Is that you in the pic? It's adorable! :)

chelly said...

Nana's not blogging anymore? Oh that's sad. Send her my best!! :)

At least you can update us on how she's doing.

cappy said...

cute photo. and thanks. i thought you'd forgot!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture...seems like yesterday. Love Vick