Thursday, November 16, 2006

Holy Smoke! Today is...

That's right... today, November 16 is The Great American Smokeout. I had forgotten all about that really... just happened to run across it today.

Now I want you to remember, Aunt Jackie is a "live and let live" kind of girl, but i've never been a smoker... even though my parents have always been pretty heavy smokers (maybe not as bad as this guy)... Somehow, I just never picked up the habit. So i'm not a big fan of smoking. Mr. J quit smoking a couple years ago, without my heavy prodding-I let him make his decision, and he wanted to quit for better health. I supported him, and tried to help him stay the course, but I did not force him (as I said, I am all about 'live and let live'). But i'm so glad he quit, and he is too-he's got so much energy! The house smells so much better, he smells great (except on rare occasion) and I wish everyone I cared about that smoked could quit too.

Even though advertising has historically romanticized smoking, even making it beneficial or "sexy", we still know facts, we all know the statistics about smoking, we know what it can and can't do (or what research has shown anyway), which can change all the time [you know, the cancer thing, the aging thing, and just making you undesirable to kiss *wink*].

If you are a smoker, and you want to quit for whatever reason, then do so! I know it is very hard... and I know that a non-smoker does not understand just how hard it is... but someone you love or that loves you, would probably love to see you quit, and maybe it would make all the difference... At least give it a try.

After all, you don't want to end up looking like my 35 year old coworker here, do you?? I didn't think so :) Have a safe and happy one, and feel free to read more about the History of the Great American Smokeout here.


Dollface said...

eeeeeeeeooooooo. Everyone smokes out here it seems. And they are mostly skinny. Their heads look at least 15-20 years older than their bodies, though. I used to smoke and love it, but I quit because I thought dying of cancer would be a bummer.

I watch old movies - this stinking habit really was portrayed as being sexy, wasn't it?

Jacqueline said...

Yeah, dying of cancer would be a bummer, I try to live as healthy as possible and know we're all gonna die of something, but I hope it's not the big "C". Thanks for stoppin in!!

Nana said...

Jackie...just reading this one makes my lungs hurt!

Aunt Jackie said...

Everything makes your lungs hurt Vic!! Anyways, I enjoyed this and even attempted to give it a bit of humor. :)