Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Plumbing and Headlights and Headaches, Oh My!

(Meanwhile... down at the Plumbers Local 667th...)

Is my time valuable? (don't answer that-lol). The answer is invaritably, "Yes!" Therefore, when given the choice, I always opt to "do it yourself" rather than bother with the pains of a plumber (plus, you know with their 'crack problem' and all, I really prefer to stay away from the stuff). ;)

Really though, I spent the better part of a valuable afternoon 'attempting' to go and find a stem for a particularly antique faucet that goes on my Clawfoot Bathtub (which I can't live without now), only to find that this particular stem was about as easy to get my hands on as the Hope Diamond. Yet I wasted alot of gas driving all over our fair city trying to score this 1 tiny piece of hardware... the only thing standing between me and a luxurious, wonderful, skin-scalding bubble bath. In the battle, so far I lost, it won, and we had to order a whole new faucet to replace the old one, which will take possibly over a week now to arrive. Antiques? I'm not very impressed at the moment. Had a nice long day of it with errands and then finally a cell phone upgrade, and still didn't get it all done. I intended on having a headlight fixed but didn't get to that part, and feel virtually unaccomplished.

So here I sit, merely one headlight, unable to have a soothing soak and a brand new cell phone that I have not yet learned to operate... and a headache :) But i'm having a nice big slice of organic roasted vegetable and goat cheese pizza, which is making it alll better. I love goat cheese! Can't get enough of the stuff lately... wonder what that's all about? Until tomorrow then, when maybe i'll have something more entertaining to share.


Ordinary Janet said...

Not a photo I care to see before my 2nd cup o' coffee! ;-)

Nana said...

The thought of goat cheese and the picture of the plumber butts are more than I can take...I think I am going to be sick now!