Thursday, November 16, 2006

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act [please help]

Aunt Jackie & Aunt Tamra Need your Help! Normally, I don't try to prod you too much about serious matters on my blog, but this is important to us. You may or may not know what a big animal lover I am, but Tamra and I are greatly concerned with animal rights and cruelty. You've probably seen some of the related links to the right. However, those that have been fighting to continue helping stop fur farms, labs, puppy mills and many such similar entities, are being stopped in their tracks by the AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act).

Well their bill was passed just the other day (read here), The bill defines the 'causing of' any business classified as an "animal enterprise" (e.g., factory farms, fur farms, vivisection labs, rodeos, zoos and circuses) to suffer a profit loss, as a "terrorist" act. There is a chance to help, and I would love if any of you wouldn't mind taking a moment to sign a petition for me (Aunt Jackie) I signed it as well... your signature might help make a difference. I know everyone's busy, but it won't take but a couple minutes of your time.

You can read all about the AETA before signing here (as well as the article above):
The Animal Terrorism Act (S. 3880 & H.R. 4239)

Then you can sign at the following link:

Animals Matter, please help by signing this petition!

They can't speak for themselves, our voices are needed. They need our protection. Thanks for listening, and for helping if you can... A.J. (See the Care2 page on this if interested AETA Passed - Where do All the Protestors Go?)


Chelly said...

Wow, you're so kind-hearted AJ. And such a worthy cause too. Thanks for sharing the links. I'll go and check it out.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Chelly! Any bit helps...