Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just The Facts Folks!

Ahhahaha!!! I got this Factorizer, A fact generator based on your name over at Chelly's However. Had to post this Chelly. It just made Aunt Jackie Look so damn tough!! :)


Chelly said...

I like that one Aunt Jackie! You're one tough cookie!

Chelly :)

Vikram said...

Jackie, this is wat it had to say abt Vikram :D ..
"If Vikram was a god, world would be perfect"

Aunt Jackie said...

Vikram, did you really do it?? I think you are telling Aunt Jackie a false story!! We'll see!

Aunt Jackie said...

Chelly, aparently I am tough, I wasn't aware just how much!! lol thanks again for the fact fun!!

Ordinary Janet said...

It came up (and I quote exactly) "Once Janet died his hair Ultra Violet".

Hmm. They can't tell I'm not a boy, and they can't spell "dyed".

I clicked it again and it says, "Janet once shot down an enemy plane with his finger, by yelling, "Bang". " They still can't tell I'm a girl.

Interesting thingy, though! Thanks for the diversion!