Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sum of None

Arrgggs!! (Or in Programming, Args? I dunno lol). Work has been kicking my butt this week, and I haven't been able to spend much time to myself to think clearly.

Thanks you guys for the comments on what type of story to write about, It's helping out a lot please keep em coming.

I'm working on that cool post so when I write it you better be back, don't you wanna see what parts of your suggestions I use anyway?? So check back soon, hopefully tomorrow I will be writing the story.

But for today, I just want you to check out one of the coolest photographers I have seen in a while. The man still uses film, and nearly everything that he puts out here, or he states ALL of it is untouched by any Photoshop. It's merely his shooting skills, and lighting and effects he creates himself with the camera.

That's pretty cool. Check it!! His Name Is Jamie Harmon.

I've also been playing with this Karaoke site called, I made some recordings but they are too crappy to post really. The Mic won't act right and the mixer is slightly off. Bah Humbug!


Furtheron said...

He's cool

Reb said...

Great photos and that SingSnap looks like fun - I just don't have a mike :( Thanks for the links.

Four Dinners said...

Very good pics babe. Like the Vespa especially!!!!

Singsnap eh? I might do my Sid Vicious 'My Way'...I do a cracker of that....

BBC said...

Geez, I suppose it's been about a year since I did karaoke, I'm becoming such a homebody. And camper.