Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mind Clutter

My mind stays so very loud and noisy most of the time, buzzing with too much information, too many feelings, and I often feel pulled in quite a number of varying directions. It's o.k., I know that it is natural in any course of growth throughout life. I feel change coming on, new directions, new endeavors. I'm not quite sure what that means yet. It's not a bad thing, however. Today's Daily OM "As We Ebb and Flow Through Life" was a good one! Take a read if you feel like it, and if you enjoy inspiration, or just need a little lift.

It's about time for another one of "AJ's Great Stories". How does everyone feel about that?? I'll try to think of a good one to chronicle. Better yet, let me get my readers involved.

Ask me to tell you a story about something in my life, anything topic, sad, funny, inspirational, whatever. Get to commenting!!!


Jay said...

Since it's the holiday season, tell us about your most memorable Christmas.

Four Dinners said...

as long as it's funny!!!! You have to have laughter!!!!!!

Furtheron said...

What's the earliest memory you have?

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, hmmm most memorable Christmas That's gonna be hard.

And Dinners, I will make extra effort for funny just for you!

Further, Earliest memory? I am having a hard time with that one. I have early memories but it's hard to tell what's earliest. Why can't we remember such things??

All about brain development I guess?? What's the normal age for people?

I will be back to this!

Chelly said...

How about a story on what it's like growing up in the south? You grew up on a ranch, right? Also, what are big southern family dinners and get-togethers like?


BBC said...

I would prefer a story (true of course) about you as a younger person tearing through the woods on a country road half drunk and smacking the monkeymobile into a tree and killing it so you decided to have sex being as the car wasn't going to go anywhere until fixed anyway.

Something like that.

BBC said...

What's the earliest memory you have?

A cold one room uninsulated shack in Northern Idaho in the winter with my grandparents that I lived with.

I recall that so called butter, margarine, came in an aluminum container shaped like a glass, and was white. You stirred a little package of food coloring into it to make it yellow.

Those became our drinking glasses, I recall red and blue ones.

One of my next earliest memories involves getting my hand in the rollers of a wringer washing machine.

Still have the scar on my arm to prove it.