Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Forever Dance

Quick note that I am still working on the "big cool post", so I am pumping this one up to be a doosie, I guess you better come back and read it and I better deliver on the wit and charm, eh?? So be it. I hope to get it done for tomorrow's post.

Meanwhile, I'll keep today's post short... It's in the spirit of December's NaBloPoMo, and its theme "MITZVA", which I explained a little bit about yesterday. Some of you may be asking "What is Mitzva?" Now, I am not into "organized" religion, and I am certainly not Jewish, but check it out Mitzva, although is part of Judaism, and derived from their 613 Commandments (wow, I thought Christianity was rigid with its 10! he-he j/k), it has also come to express an act of human kindness. The act of human kindness is really what this month's theme is all about, which I think is great no matter the season. People should strive to act with kindness way more often, because I think that they would soon realize that it really does make one feel nice to do "good", and that eventually, you get rewarded for your kindness. Just have to be patient I guess... sometimes extremely patient. ;) Anyways, there you go... a little more detail on Mitzvah.

Although I am supposed to be giving mostly to others, just so happened that I spent quite a lot of time to myself today, (which didn't hurt my feelings much at all--yep, still working on my anti-social tendencies but it's easy to get comfy!) so I ended up indulging, by gifting myself emotionally.

What I mean by that is, without guilt, I allowed myself the gift of getting all misty or being moved by a video. Most of you are going to find the following a little weak or "gay" if you will (that's not a slur towards sexual orientation). But occasionally, I am moved by silly romantic fancy. I can't help it... I love sexy slow-jams, and hot passionate kisses and silly love notes and romantic notions. I keep them tucked under my wicked mean exterior most of the time, but today they slipped out. Deal with it!

This is not a new video, in fact I am usually the Nerd who is behind the times on seeing the latest rage that's running around the internet, so I am pretty sure you have already seen it before. It's a Wedding entrance where the whole wedding party danced their way down the Aisle to a song entitled, "Forever" and has been so popular that they even referenced the video (If I'm not mistaken) on an episode of "The Office (US)" at Jim and Pam's wedding in Vegas. I thought it was cute, but I'm sorry, it's just so sweet and it moved me... It's humorous, it's fun, it's romantic and a great way for a couple to switch up the usual boring ol' hum drum ceremonies we see.

Anyways, Give It A Peek.

Love is a gift, one we should give every day, and in giving we receive ourselves. It's hard enough to keep a life together in this day and age, and I think humor, love and music are a must. These guys had the right idea. Of course it would be cooler with a Metal song or a Punk song, but hey at least they broke the mold a bit.

So today's gift was to myself... a "Show of Emotion" over a really cute video. Cheers!


Four Dinners said...

Thanks babe! You just started my day off with a huge grin!!!!

Marvellous stuff!!!


Jay said...

That's probably the best wedding video of all time.

But, the J&K Divorce parody is pretty funny too..