Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If We Make It Through December

Well I am very disgusted that I started a cool blog post yesterday and still have not been able to finish it. This has been a hectic week at work after the holiday, so I have had limited time to jump in here and collect any of my thoughts. Don't despair, however, I am working on said post and will still deliver. I wanted it to be just right, as I have some thoughts to throw out there, and of the sarcastic and humorous nature (hopefully).

Ahhh December. It seems like we just parted yesterday and you are already here again. This year has just blasted by has it not? I can't believe it. January 14th will mark 1 year since my Father's death and it just doesn't seem like a year could have passed already. I definitely hope that 2010 will be a better year for us all.

In the spirit of the season, I have decided to try and tackle the NaBloPoMo challenge again. Actually, November was officially "National Blog Posting Month" to which NaBloPoMo was named for, and sadly I did not get a chance to participate on the original month... oh well. So, to take up the slack for all the other bloggers who aren't able to post daily, or have basically thrown in the towel, I'm going to give it my December best and really try. The theme for December is "MITZVAH".

The challenge would be to give something to someone daily, whether that be a gift, a compliment, a helpful or kind word, whatever... and then blog about it. They don't really want me to go out and "give someone the finger" though, I don't think that counts, so I am gonna have to try and think positively and do some December good.

Root for me o.k.? Because being a positive and sweet person doesn't come THAT naturally to me and I might have a hard time. ha-ha

For today, I can just say that I gave my all to my employers and that was the gift of dedication and service to the clients we serve in an IT capacity on a daily basis. That should always be well thought of, although as employees we don't always get recognition for every single time we go above and beyond. That's life.

Welcome to the season. Here's hoping that December brings joy and peace to you and yours. Will be back soon with my big cool post.


Aunt Jackie


Four Dinners said...

'This has been a hectic week at work after the holiday'

You used the 'W' word.

I am in need of another drink.

The 'W' word is (shiver) close to blasphemy...;-)

Come on babe. Give us the cool post then!...x

Furtheron said...

good luck with it

Samantha said...

Good luck with the December posting.