Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Love In Abundance

Today I won't rant, I won't try to be philosophical, I won't advise, I'll just share.

There has been so much love in my life, and I have always tried never to take it for granted. Things come and go, just as people come and go in our lives. However, I believe that the love that they bring remains with us always, and it only grows. Love is eternal.

Even when we feel pain because we think that our loved ones are gone, they are alive and well, and only want us to understand that and to hang on to that love.

About a week ago, I was at home (Mom and Dad's), and something, or someone moved me to go digging through my old bedroom desk drawer. There I sat on the edge of the bed, organizing and looking through junk, when I ran across the card that Mom and Dad gave me on the day of my High School Graduation.

Then I opened the card and began to read what my Daddy wrote to me, there on my eve of adulthood:

"Thank you my Darling Daughter for all the joy you have given me. I want you to have a Good Life and enjoy every minute of it.

There will be ups and downs in it, but the ups usually outweigh the downs. God Bless and Keep You, Your Old Dad. I Love You. J.G.C."

A million birthday cards, holiday cards and notes I have read from them and stored away. I wondered why the same words breezed past me at the time, and somehow meant so much more years after. Now there I was, tears streaming down my face. I didn't know exactly why it struck me that way, the message wasn't sad at all. It was, however, just typical of my father. I felt him near, and I felt his message of hope, comfort, and above all, Love.

I know there are no mistakes, I know that it was intended for me to read right then at that very moment. He wanted me to read it.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, the biggest messages wait in the simple moments. We come to learn, the small things are not small at all.

We need only open our eyes.


Four Dinners said...

Got a 'daddy's girl' over here.

I know just what he meant and how he felt.

SylphSong said...

Thanks for this, Aunt Jackie. <3

Chelly said...

That was beautiful Jackie. Thanks for sharing that. So touching.

Aunt Jackie said...

Dinners, there's something grand to be said for that. You're a star, my Dad was... IS a Star too.

Why don't you write Jax something and hide it for her to find one day. It would be great.

Sylph, you're welcome!

Chelly, glad you enjoyed.