Sunday, December 27, 2009

After The Fog, Destiny

For a few days, I have been gone and lost in thought... some about what the future holds from here on out, some about everything that needs to be done, and some about nothing because I simply needed to empty and relax my mind.

I began December with my own personal challenge to myself to complete the December NaBloPoMo, but I didn't make it. Each of you have your own opinions about doing certain things and forced blog posting, which is fine. Contrary to BBC's opinions, I wasn't doing the posting to impress anybody, I was just doing it because I wanted to see if I could. I didn't make it through, that was due to nobody but myself and my tired soul.

Well, I do hope that your holidays have been great.

The fog of my holidays is over, except for New Year's Eve, which is destined to get more uncomfortable for me than I like, because I don't like crowds of people and too much chaos at one time, but this is not just my trip, so there are other forces that I must endure (sometimes whether I like it or not). I don't feel like talking about it right now, but those of you who know me best can pretty much decipher what I mean.

My story or stories are still coming, once again not just to entertain you (but somewhat to entertain you because that's what I ENJOY doing), and also just for me because I enjoy writing. I'm tired of people telling me what to do and why to do something or why not to do it, although I appreciate your genuine concern. I prefer that you live your life, I live mine and do what I feel at any given moment. We all have different paths... don't forget that. I'm not you, and you are not me (nor would you like to be me I imagine).

That being said, I will be back soon with an idea that I think I have to write about, and it is going to be totally self-absorbed, yes about me and various things about my life. Read it or not.

Now I can't end this post without sharing the following video link. It's not embeddable, but you must do yourself the favor of clicking it. This is Disney meshed with Dali, two of my favorite things in the world.

Click Here For Your Destino!!! Beautiful.

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kcinnova said...

I keep thinking I'd like a nice NaBloPoMo during a total down time, like March! But then, March will probably bring about its own busyness. *sigh*
I think I missed a previous post or two, but I imagine it was a rough Thanksgiving/Christmas without your dad. I think of you gently whenever I see you a post of yours on facebook.

We used to have a bumper sticker on our car with a Dali quote: "The only difference between myself and a madman is I am not mad!"