Friday, May 23, 2008

Wonderful World Of Wally

Hey there, how are you doing?? Wonderful! Glad to hear it. I, for one, am certainly glad the full moon this past week is done with!! Caused me nothing but extra stress and grief.

I have put off further 'teen journal entries' this week, I want to sit down and actually enjoy them and not have any rants to add to the pot. There needs to be a blissful "teen mood" going on for those. Don't despair, I'll post them up sometime very soon.

Let's see, what have I of interest this fine Friday?? Oh yes... Made two trips to the ever-fabulous Wally World yesterday (two trips in one day to a store that I cannot stand to shop in, but it was all due to an exchange Mr. J had to make). For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, "Wally World" is Wal*Mart. One store that promises you'll find EVERYTHING you need under one roof. They're not kidding, you can find most stuff you want, and then some... then you'll also find a lot of shite that you don't want, and probably cannot stand. This would include aforementioned crappy customer service people, screaming children, and children running rampant all over the store with no "guardian" in sight, ignorant fighting couples, theives and lunatics. Yes everyone, Wal*Mart's got it all.

First off we were in Walmart #1, Sporting Goods section, we (God Forbid) had to ask the man on duty a question about a product. Once asked, he gave us a vague answer and sent us to the next informational source. Guess he thought he was done for the day. We ended up having to come back to him and ask more specific questions about said product, wherein the man stopped and looked at us as if we had hog tied him and were torturing him with an ice pick... I believe we might have just ruined his day asking for assistance.

He then stated, "Let me call someone over to help you with that." (Guess he's not properly trained on his merchandise, or is simply supposed to stand behind the counter and look pretty). Therefore, while waiting, I strolled down a couple of isles and heard a "deliriously happy family with a small child". The mother had the small child in tow, and they were playing a game. Such a sweet game really, I guess, if you're into that 'sweety pie' tone of voice. The mother would play around like she was trying to "locate" the father and in an almost creepy voice she would call, "Daaadddddddddyyyyyyy!!!" To which the sperm donor would reply, "Whatttttteeeeeeeeeyyyyyy??" {brief pause} "Daaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" {pause} "WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEYYYYYYYYYY???" {Me getting nauseous}

This went on and on for several annoying minutes. Finally, I guess they located said father, and they were down in the pet isle as I passed by allowing the child to squeak all of the pet toys very loudly and freely. I had to escape this area and fast.

As I wandered through the store trying to locate our items, I was all-too-aware of the screaming children on various isles. As I wheeled frantically to the front of the store, several nice people shot out in front of me with their carts as if I wasn't there. ('Have A Nice Day Bastards!' I muttered sarcastically under my breath with my invisible dagger in hand.)

Not finding what we needed, we had to begin our journey to the other Wally Location. This store was much nicer, and cleaner. The people there were alot nicer too, and we actually found what we needed. Then upon leaving the store, we were crossing the parking lot and got caught in the crossfire of a very interesting conversation. (You rarely front row seat action like this).

An obvious Good Ole Boy was crossing the parking lot towards the store not far from us, and I wouldn't have thought anything of it had he not veered towards a very nervous looking woman. They stopped. She remained within cautious range from him. They looked like two crabs having a 'face off'. As they stood right in the center of the drive-area, the man sternly shouted, "WHY ARE YOU SERVING ME WITH DIVORCE PAPERS???"

The woman, trying to act ignorant replied, "What are you talking about? I'm not serving you with papers."

Angry man: "Well I just got them under my windshield wiper!!"

The conversation faded as we reached the truck, and Richie and I realized what we had just been privy to. Richie said, "Ohhh Man!! Did you just hear that??" And I had to turn around and see what they were doing, being nosy at the moment. We were both pretty amused by it. He continued, "Ahhh She's in TROUBLE!! (snickering)." So we got into Richie's truck and he had to drive over near the guy, seeing as they had retreated back to one of their automobiles. The woman was in her driver's seat, leaned back, body language saying all it needed to say. The guy, was leaned in the passenger side window with his mouth going 70MPH... Guess they were having a bit of a bad day.

Just never know what you might encounter at good ol' Wal*Mart... and you never know what a day might bring.

Other than that, it's been a semi-long and somewhat stressful week in the way of financial worries... Hopefully, I will have all the things I need resolved soon, and maybe we'll be looking towards a brighter time... I sure could use a break. Bills, worries and responsibilities don't make things much worth looking forward to. Makes me wonder sometimes why we want to grow up and do all this stupid shit when we're kids, and why we were in such a hurry. What were we in a hurry for anyways?? Were we just too tired of all that childish innocence and happiness?? What idiots we were.

Then next weekend is Richie's Birthday and we're planning our little weekend family fandango... that should be a thrill. Hopefully, with Richie and his brother together nobody gets arrested or sliced up. Maybe I should pack some mace... Hopefully it will go o.k., As long as I get a little time to myself and get to relax a bit none of the bloodshed will be on MY hands. ;)

TGIF Guys... Glad the weekend is here?? Well, don't forget to mosy on over (if you know how to Mosy), and visit WTF Friday. If you haven't been shocked enough, or laughed enough this week, maybe you'll find what you're lookin for over there! :)


Blondie said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Walmart is the greatest place on earth...

... let me finish...

... to visit when you're feeling a little low about your own life. Walk in, and (almost) PRESTO! You'll spot someone who looks straight out of the county fair...

Instant mood booster.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when you,the customer, has to greet the cashier first. If not, you get nothing but the sound of crickets.THEN you get looked at like you are disturbing their 'relaxing by the cash register time' Why don't you just go get on welfare like the rest of your family? Your attitude sucks.I'd rather help pay your welfare than help pay your paycheck and put up with your bullshit. Not all people act like this at Wal-Mart, but it does seem there are more and more everyday. Not just here,everywhere! But when I do get a 'hello,can I help you, or how are you today?' or a 'thank you,come back', it really makes me smile.

Yesterday, took my daughter to the DMV to get her driving book. This woman working behind the counter was such a bitch to us, I really took it personal. Like she hates blondes or something. While she was too busy being a bitch she forgot to give us a form we need also. If I go back in there and she acts like that again, its on baby! Thats your job, you bitch! Get over yourself! OH and take that god awful blue eyeshadow off.;}

Jay said...

That was actually one of the more tame days at a Wal-Mart. I love it when people have public spats like that. I always just hang out and entertain myself by listening to them.

BBC said...

There was a full moon? Hell, I'm always stressed anyway so it doesn't make any difference to me. I shop at Walmart some, it's close to me, I can walk to it, I buy my undies and oil filters there.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

See why I do not go to WalMart

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart have taken over a chain of stores over here in good old England..Mind you nowt changes!

Anonymous said...

You'd get better customer service if a bunch of monkeys ran Wal-Mart!


The Manic Street Preacher said...

I'm banned from our local Sainsbury's - one of our supermarkets in the UK.

The only time Caz let me go alone the checkout girl just threw the stuff at me and I couldn't keep up with the packing. In the end I just stood there and ignored the ever increasing mass of tins and stuff.

She finished and said "£135"

I said "Changed me mind. Don't want it" and walked off.

Seen several fights outside. Livens the day up.