Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Penultimate Entrance (WWC)

Hello all, been a busy extra-long weekend we've had with the Memorial Day holiday. It's time for the WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) brought to us by Tink! Keywords "Penultimate" and "Entrance".

I have them semi-jumbled, and as always the captions do the talking. :) Enjoy the slideshow.

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I'm a little swamped and tired, so I will probably try to post more about the weekend later on or maybe in Tomorrow's post... So glad you came by! Please leave me a comment, even if you found me by accident. Have a great day! ;)


Jay said...

I love taking tours around town with you Jaxxx. Lots of great sights and wonder photos! You even make Memphis look like a pretty nice town! ;-)

Freakazojd said...

Prince Mongo's Planet?! What the hell kind of name for a club is that? Hee hee!
I really loved the angled shot of the grave/monument. Nice!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my sadly neglected blog and asking after me. I'm sort of around, I'm just stupid busy right now. I'll try to post soon, as I totally owe someone a post!!!

Blondie said...

Love your photos! You are quite amazing with a lens.

Glad you enjoyed your long weekend. God knows I could have used a few more days off!

Tink said...

I love pictures of old buildings. So of course the abandoned clubs with the chipped paint are my favorite. But the sealed graveyard monument and the hotel sign are a close second. What's the story behind those two?

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Thanks :) Glad to be your tour guide to the lovely city of Memphis TN... (duck and cover!!!).

Freakazojd! Prince Mongo is a local celeb of sorts, he's a little nuts and has run for Mayor several times over the years. He had a club, that's the story behind "Prince Mongo's Planet". I went there once with a girl in the dorm, there were Marines. The club wasn't too bad. lol

Blondie! Why thanks, I don't think it's that notable, but I enjoy photos and photography... Days off are always appreciated.

Tink! Yeah abandoned and old buildings are cool to me as well. Sealed graveyard monument is just another one of the cool monuments at Elmwood Cemetery. I'll have to check into it, however, the Lorraine Motel is the place where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed... It is set up next to the Civil Rights museum, and tours are available. Supposedly they left everything about MLK's room and everything the way it was when he was there. I haven't been there, but still would like to go.

If anyone would like to know more, visit National Civil Rights Museum (about).

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr...2nd try here....
(Blogger hasn't liked me lately)

I was going to ask about the Lorraine Motel, but Tink beat me to it! And I'm late enough here that you've already kindly answered.
Another vote here for the cemetery sealed entrance and the nice angles there. :)

Newt said...

That was totally fun! Very nice job.