Monday, May 05, 2008

Para todo mal, mezcal, para toda bien, tambien!

¡Hola! If you do or don't know Spanish (I don't really, well maybe a few choice words), I will let you know what the page I snatched the above title off of says that this means... Literally: "For every ill, drink Mezcal (type of liquor), For everything good, as well". LOL! I'll drink to that (well, I don't drink much, but if I did it would more likely be a good Tequilla. I can handle Tequilla... not sure why.

That is quite fitting, since today is Cinco de Mayo... the Fifth of May. Celebrate, or don't... But I still wish all of my blog pals and Spanish (as well as non-Spanish speaking buddies), a very Happy Cinco de Mayo. If you are expecting half-naked Mexican women, then this is the wrong blog... however since I do enjoy helping my fellow men (or women if that be the case), I'll direct you over to Cynical Bastard (Jay's Blog). Now, he is the one to go to for the hot gals. I can't really think of any sexy male Mexican actors really so... here's a funny cat dressed in a poncho and sombrero!
Livin La Vida Meowo!

Ok, so on to the podcast portion of our blog!

Feedback is welcome, do you enjoy my podcasts or do you wish I would just STFU?? lol Yes, I kind of enjoy doing them. Who knows what it could lead to. But still, it's only an option. You don't have to press play... if you like them though, I'm glad. :)

Today's podcast addresses Cinco de Mayo, and then of course includes a bit of rambling by Yours Truly, and I have included for your listening insanity, two (count em' 2) of my Teen Journal Entries. I didn't include the text versions this time, they should be a bit better quality. The sound is much better on these, although that might not make ME sound any more inviting, but whatever. Go nuts! (UNDALE UNDALE ARRIBA ARRIBA!!!)

((o.k. damnit!! Special note about the podcast, I checked after-the-fact and the beginning of my stupid file has some skipping going on, so my apologies, looks like I still haven't worked out all audio bugs-bear with it for a few seconds then it smooths out. Oh well... ))


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Tequila cures all. I love the sound of your voice.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Aww Thanks!!!
Yeah, and oddly enough I know it's a harder liquor but I can drink that before I can drink like Rum or something!

Cheers to you Blue! You're the first comment on this, which it took long enough to get a comment!! Maybe my voice podcasts are not going to go over so well. :(