Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seven and Earth (WWC)

Ever wonder why in the world morning has to come so friggin early? I do... did this morning. I lay there comfy in my bed as long as I possibly could... and finally just had to peel myself out of the warm comfort into cold, cruel reality. Then I had to make oatmeal (as not to neglect Mr. J's breakfast needs, and my own too of course). Being in such a rush, I ate my oatmeal while soaking in my warm bath water, and it crossed my mind once again... "This, soaking in this warm soapy water, eating my oatmeal, is the MOST comfortable I am going to feel all day!"

Anyone else?? Or is it just me? I know eating my oatmeal in the bathtub sounds way crazy, but I was really trying to save some time being in a rush. In the end, it did not matter, I was actually later than normal. (sigh). Oh well.

Of course it is Tuesday and time for the Weekly Words Challenge (brought to us by the lovely Tink!).

This week's words are "Seven" and "Earth".

However, I am not going to participate this week, I didn't get enough good shots, and didn't feel like half-assing it. :)

So I guess you could say I took The High Road... or did I?

Sorry to inform you that this "high road" everyone tells you that you always need to take is out in the middle of NOWHERE, and most of you will never find it... I am just one of the lucky ones who happens to have stumbled across it. Good day my lovelies!


Jay said...

I always wondered where the high road was. It's a little out of my way, so I don't guess I'll be taking it anytime soon. ;-)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I think I passed by the high road on my way to Toyah Texas. No one was on the high road.

Tink said...

Hey, you found the high road! Congrats. I still think the low road lies somewhere by my boss' house. ;)

Reb said...

Well, the high road is way out of my way. I guess I'll stay where I am. Of course my sister lives on the devils hwy #666.

JINKS said...

girl, been wondering the same for a few weeks....is it really necessary to get out of bed so early? and it is scary to think that those last few moments before you kick into overdrive are the best part of the day.....and you go to some interesting places my friend.....jinks-whose blog is on the blink, or perhaps traveling the low road.