Monday, May 19, 2008

Singin The Blah's

No need for that APB, I'm alright. I know I've been 'AWOL' since Friday, which is unusual and also breaks my "Post A Day" pledge for May, but I just couldn't make it this time.

Friday night, we had all night company and events that kept me up way too late and for some reason I felt like I had a hang-over Saturday, and I hadn't drank a drop. I blame Mr. J. It was his persistence and antics that caused the whole event as well as the late hour. After the long tiresome week I had, I was in great need of going home Friday night and "defusing" quietly, and having time to myself, but he had already planned the day before I could even speak up, so we had kids, in-laws and so forth... I made it through, although I was not able to record Saturday as planned because of how badly I felt. I had a headache and spent the entire afternoon draped across my keyboard and stool, half asleep, either that or on the floor and eventually in my car for an attempted "nap".

So then after the failed recording sessions, I came home and turned on a movie, and kind of recharged there... Sunday, I was still feeling a bit "blah", but I got up and around and met up with my "BFF" (cool kid lingo for "Best Friend Forever", which you would know if you watched any of the cellphone advertisements on T.V. lol). We went to lunch, bummed around, and went to see Patrick Dempsey's movie, "Made of Honor", which is a total Chick Flick, just in case anyone is asking you to go to this movie. I liked it, although I am not certain if it was worth the high-priced matinee money that they are charging these days. I may as well have waited for it to come to HBO and caught it on a rainy Saturday in a couple of months. I do like Patrick Dempsey movies though, I always have... especially back in the "Can't Buy Me Love" days, or in "Loverboy". He was and still is a cutie (in his odd funky, big-nosed way).

Afterwards, I turned in very early and got a much-needed decent night's sleep. Woke up, hit the gym for a little elliptical action, then started the day with Oatmeal.

So here I am on a Monday afternoon, and must tell you just how much I have thought about taking a week or two off from blogging because I need a total recharge, and a break... But I'm going to play that one by ear. I just don't know yet.

Therefore, apologies for being out of pocket without note, and also apologies to NaBloPoMo's May Participants for copping out of our "Post A Day" agreement. I won't cheat by filling in the gaps, and I am still not going to take the banner down, but I will take my failure and try again as soon as I think I can do another month's worth of worthy posts and content. Also, apologies to my "teen journal" fans, for not having posted the Larry Raines section yet. I still am planning on doing that this week (if I am able), and will actually be writing it instead of straight podcast. If you think you'd like a Podcast of it just to go along with the journal entries, please comment me and let me know... I never know who's reading or enjoying much since I don't get very many comments these days... They do uplift you know.

That's about it for me today, it's all I can muster. Enjoy your week everybody and thanks again for hanging out with me.

PS: "Bizarro" groupies, look for updates soon... cool?? Thanks!


The Manic Street Preacher said...

never apologise.

you are you. be proud n fuck em all


Jay said...

Would you believe I've never seen a Patrick Dempsey movie? Well I haven't. I it's entirely possible that I never will. LOL ;-)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Some times we post some times we do not post. That is life

BBC said...

Some times I'm reminded to be thankful that I live alone and don't have to cater to others.

Not that I don't enjoy others company, but just on my terms.

It's no big deal if you don't blog some hon, I've been blogging everyday for over two years and all it's done is take up a lot of my time that I could have spent doing other things to make my life better.

But it has been damn interesting. I may start blogging less, and I'm damn sure not visiting the blogs I was.

I mostly just visit the blogs of those that comment on my blogs. Whatever, we're just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

Why don't you get a bike and save the cost of a gym? I would never go to a fucking gym, they fucking bore me to death.

awa said...

I have been blah.

But then again it could be caused by that mild case of nolifeitis I have.

Dang it!

Sara said...

Hey AJ,

You do realise it was a full moon on the 19th? Could be a reason for the weird feeling you mention early on in..I think the moon is totaly responsible for our people's ever changing moods - OK I'm no werewolf yet but I do have the odd peaks and troughs :-)