Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's Something About Ronald

My apologies, I've still been really busy and haven't had time to pop in to your blogs in the last few, I will do it soon. Probably tomorrow! This also means no more vocal podcasts have been made, and I am planning to do the "Larry R. Crush" journals soon!

Meanwhile, I was surfing through some YouTube videos yesterday and I ran across like the first McDonald's Commercial... Man I hate clowns! Ronald ranks up there as one of the creepy ones, and from this video they didn't start off too well.

Clowns SUCK!


Jay said...

Yeah Ronald is one that I would definitely not let near little kids. That perv! ;-)

g-man said...

That was a bit creepy. My magic tray indeed!

Anonymous said...

What the......? He was creepy.